Created: Thursday, 14 December 2006 Written by Phil"pothead"William
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Another day, another “report” purporting to tell us the horrors of marijuana use. Before it was dope causing wild untamed teenage sexuality, or making us mix with the negroes, or whatever the latest thing squares hated.

Now it’s “mental illness”.

What a load of shit.
Did those uptight squares who wrote this crap actually try some dope themselves?


So how on earth can you believe their trumped up nonsense?

I saw that idiot Liberal Christopher Pyne on the TV last night wanking on about this report. That pompous twat (he sounds even more prissy than that poof Downer) was outraged that anyone would want to legalise dope and tax it like any other social lubricant. He wouldn’t take any money from "that poison" he said.

This is the same clown who works for a government that rakes in billions from taxes on ciggies and booze. He is quite happy to take money from these poisons; poisons that kill thousands of Australians every month!

Chris Pyne should get on the bong with the rest of us and relax. What he and all those other squares call “mental illness” is actually an expanded consciousness.
An ability to see beyond the square world and into fields of azure and skies of scarlet, where naked nymphs fly through the air and twistie packets hang from trees. Where a man can feel free and nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of. A place where I can talk to god and tell him what to do. A place...

Sorry, got a little distracted there.

Get out of your stuffy Adelaide Club Chrissy and inhale some green! It’ll do you good. Same with all those other eggheads that wrote this report.

Phil "pothead" Williams