Wednesday, 18 October 2006 By Pervis
Heard a song, it casting my mind back to being 20 years of age. I remember feeling ancient, drunk on beer listening to Tom Waits sing "I know Martin Eden is gonna be proud of me".
Now middle aged cunt, the ancient wisdom feels now more like the remnants in the bottom of the herb and spice box in the darkness of our old kitchen cupboard.

Yeah, I can reminisce to late night table to the side of the stage in dingy rocknthrash haunt. Some cunts roaring outloud. Drunken promise of hopelessness and grandeur. And loving the feeling of desolate youth, inprinting the time in the 'to remember' file in dumb mind recess.

The sticky carpet, the new sounds back at the lab yet to be discovered, later, tonight, the girls. The rollickin' promise of early rock'n'roll death, the hardy har haircut, the doubt, the abyss.

Now fat cunt reflect on that for a moment gives me a short boost - and ancient wisdom, what of it?

"But I was so much older then, I am younger than that now"

And what about some more fucking mystery?

Ha ha, death still awaits with its adventure.

Heave Ho.
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