Created: Thursday, 11 November 2004 Written by Phil'Pothead'William
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whatever you got. coedine. liniseed oil.
I hear corn flour is highly addictive and cheaper than cocaine.
gets stuck in your nose though; so people iv use only! they have spent millions on this human genome crap and as yet havent added one more item to the recreational drug roster.
what the fuck are those eggheads doing???
surely the gene for ever-lasting ecstasy must have been sequenced! those fucking limp dicked scientists should get their heads out their arses and out on the streets where your regular stoner is dying to try anything and everything at least once.
just once...

to be starry eyed;
and drooling.
With a throbbing in ya pants,
and the need to dance.
swimming in hippie chicks,
and frolicking naked under the moon.

man. I want more drugs.