The necessity of Dis-info Mitigation upon propaganda insemination into the Western Mind

Wednesday, 22 February 2023 By State Dept Anarchist


Dis-info damage and mind-moulding increase might have serious consequences for the average social media consumer in Orange County and the rest of us. From damaging the loving of consumption, to questioning of the impact the United States activity on World health and well-being, it appears necessary to handle these problems rapidly. Supplying a supposed alternative (ie liberal society, 'Anarchy', etc) and shutting down the outlets that provide the Dis-info is important in preventing the Dis-info impacting and destroying the permanence of the Western hegemony.

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Fact or fiction - how to tell? Check where it is from. Is it a reliable officially approved outlet?



The mind. Who knows what goes on when what goes in ain't necessarily so. May not be a lie, but if it is something that could disrupt our current comfy view of the world then we would be wise to call it Dis-info.

Whether it be fanciful quick-cures for COVID, nonsense from Red cap wearing Yanks, or doubt about the latest Genocide, this Dis-info should be nipped in the bud before it sprouts out as a weed of negativity in the mind of the Hoi Polloi.

Remember, it is anti-fascist yes/anti-US no.

Proper drainage of the Dis-info fed mind can also be crucial in preventing water damage and mold and protecting your home from possible flooding...


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One way to deal with Dis-info. But the wrong way.

Targeting of the outlets...

The successful neutralisation of non-approved outlets and their 'journalists' is another way to block the Dis-info flow. For example, who has heard anything from Wikileaks lately? Notorious individuals should also be highlighted and dealt with for their role in disseminating naughty things. But please remember: anti-fascist good/anti-US bad.

In the halls of Academia there are numerous founts of info on Dis-info. And don't forget all those NGOs. Here are people with long experience and knowledge, culled from going through the internet with a fine tooth comb, and getting funding from the appropriate sources.

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Play your cards right, get on the dis-info train, and you could get one of these pinned on your chest by hero of the Moment President Z.

In summary, appropriate Dis-info outlet mitigation by the spotlight of Academic Investigation and Social Media interference is important in preventing General Public mind damage and wayward thinking problems. Look towards your betters on the Internet; if they don't have an Academic or NGO appointment can they really be trusted?

We don't think so.

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Remember info from respected organs of the Press like the NYT, WaPo, Guardian etc... is definitely not Dis-info.

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