The Covid19 Conspiracy Explained Once And For All

Tuesday, 28 February 2023 By On The Couch

My read on the Covid19 virus and vaccine conspiracy in ten dot points.

1. For population control purposes Covid19 is released. Its exact origin is not known but releasing it via a lab in China provides a terrific smoke screen.

2. Big pharma jumps in with vaccines to win the early bird cash cow.

3. On the recommendation of scientists civic leaders and governments worldwide take serious action to try and mitigate serious illness and death. Note that at this time the true nature of the virus is not fully understood however thousands of unvaxxed elderly people are dropping off around the world. (Remember Italy etc) Covid19 mitigation wheels take a long time to be put in motion but administrators/scientists eventually get governments to shut things down so as to buy time until vaccines are available.

4. Vaccines and other strategies are rolled out worldwide and the death and serious illness rate is somewhat curtailed.

5. The virus inventors (depopulation proponents) watch as their masterplan has been slowed by busybody scientists and government officials. For depopulation to occur people need to stop taking the vaccines. To address this they discreetly sponsor several mouth pieces as "controlled opposition". (Thank you Major Denmore for info regarding Dr Robert Malone and his ties to the DOD and various biowarfare programs etc) Malone is typically the first name cited by practically every antivaxxer in the world.

Controlled Opposition

Malone promoting the idea that the vaccinated are more likely to become infected.

6. On the back of the disinformation by Dr Robert Malone and a handful of other anti-vax celebrities and mouth pieces, people (particularly not very academically oriented people) start refusing to take the vaccines en masse.

7. The controlled opposition tactic works and the "cooker" movement is born and begins to flourish. The cookers think that the vaccines are a poisonous weapon and refuse to protect themselves, ditching their masks and vaccine appointments. The real depopulation weapon, SARS-coV-2, starts surging again as people defiantly wander about, unprotected, becoming infected repeatedly, all while infecting others. "It's just a cold".

8. The Covid19 virus depopulation program begins to gain momentum again as the controlled opposition's anti-vax propaganda adopted by the cookers assists the virus to continue to flourish and mutate.

9. Viewed as a bonus by the Covid19 creators is the fact that 'most' of the people who will die early because of organ failure and other diseases that are exacerbated by multiple, unprotected SARS-coV-2 infections, are unvaccinated cookers (i.e. non-academic types who get their info from YouTube and memes created by their controlled opposition anti-vax spoke people and others who have jumped on the cooker wagon)

10. In summary: The vaccines are not the depopulation weapon. SARS-coV-2 is.

Additional notes:

- If you still think vaccines are the depopulation weapon please tell us in the comments how the "Covid vaccine as poison conspiracists" coordinated the manufacture of vaccines not only in the USA but in China and Russia and other countries who despise each other? Why go to all that trouble, lobbying all of these disparate vaccine manufacturers and supply chains, and at each juncture the threat of the entire conspiracy being unmasked by a whistle blower or an ethical scientist? Compare that strategy with simply unleashing a highly contagious auto-immune virus. The latter can be done on the quiet. No lobbying required. Just pour out the contents of a few test tubes and fly home. Repeat: SARS-coV-2 is the depopulation weapon. The vaccines are not the weapon. A cash cow, yes, but not the depopulation weapon.

- SARS-coV-2 is an auto-immune disease (not a cold or the flu but more like HIV which usually manifests first as a cold)

- SARS-CoV-2 can lie dormant in your body (like Herpes does), in your organs or glands, and, remarkably even in your brain which is typically very well protected.

- If your body is susceptible to disease or you have a pre-existing condition, the dormant SARS-coV-2 can awaken and come to the party and make your illness/symptoms worse and create chronic issues leading to organ failure, damage to your mental capacity and death.

- No vaccine prevents you from getting a virus. But vaccines can reduce the symptoms (damage) caused by a virus significantly.

- Having to take a vaccine regularly is not new. People have been taking flu shots annually for decades.

- With each shot there is a level of lasting protection. Three shots is considered a good base. Boosters teach the immune system about new mutations.

- If you are a vaccine cooker and have come this far, might I suggest you focus your research and rage on who released the virus and not on the many vaccine manufacturers and officials who tried to save lives.

- The motive for the creation and release of the virus is depopulation. Think of the billionaire with everything. But his paradise, on Earth, is threatened by man made climate change. A massive depopulation program will reduce emissions and pollution buying the habitable earth more time. More time for the billionaire, family and friends to enjoy their lavish lifestyles and lucre. 

- Let us hope they do not release anything else.

- The author of this article is sponsored by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. (Just kidding!)

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