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Created: Wednesday, 21 June 2006 Written by InfoTech Corresponde
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XenoxNews has gained access to the new family friendly Internet screening software the Howard government is demanding all Australian families install on their computers.

Besides blocking child pornography, pictures of gay men, and nude pics of Howard's wife, it seems to also have a somewhat political censorship agenda...
In particular we found that it blocks any sites that refer to the Aussie PM as "decrepit", "small-minded", and "lacking a penis of measurable size".

It also appears to have the unusual feature of re-directing some internet searches. For instance resident XenoxNews pervert Frank Blues typed in a google request for "bukake+deadbodies" but all his search revealed was pictures of worshippers at the famed church of Hillsong in Sydney.

"How am I supposed to get my rocks off to that!” fumed the errant masturbator, "that cunt Howard is screwing the wankers of Australia again."

On the other hand any searches using the words “fat”, “useless”, or “boring” were referred to the Beazley website. We tried to do a search on Treasurer Costello but it too was stymied, only showing a link to the website www.alexdowner.com.

So far our testing seems to show that XenoxNews is not affected by this package except for the word 'Chato' being swapped with 'Osama-Lover'.

The new software is being mailed out next week and inspections by the Federal Police to ensure households comply with it’s installation will take place a month later.