Google Becoming Leading Internet Nazi?

Monday, 25 July 2011 By Repoman


It appears that Google is expanding upon the same sort of heavy handed censorship that saw XenoxNews news articles black banned from their news search results.

Google is now blocking individuals from its services for very minor things like using a pseudonym or having a weird sounding name!

Many users of Google's new social networking effort "Google Plus" have reported that they have received email from Google that suggest in vague terms that they broken the Google Plus terms of service.

The consequences have been that these users have not only been banned from Google Plus but all of their other Google collateral (youtube, adwords, etc etc) were blocked!

First newspapers like Xenox News are banned fom publication, now the regular Joe. Caution people. Google appears to be moving toward becoming both judge and jury and executioner about what content is acceptable on their network.

Is Google becoming the world's biggest internet censorship Nazi?

Read more about the recent Google Plus censorship turmoil

"Users are also reporting in post comments that links are silently being removed form their posts, in addition to having entire posts unexpectedly and quietly removed."  - Violet Blue (Pulp Tech ZDnet)

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