Xenox operative visits HQ undercover

Created: Saturday, 10 August 2002 Written by Pervis
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Steve with his boatXenox News operative, Steve "Invercargal" Reefer, last seen swimming in Ho Chi Min bay (see article July 23 2002) paddled into Darwin this week to check back into XA base. In a monumental piece of undercover work Steve, posing as a 68 year old retired marine engineer, waltzed (literally) into head office laughing gleefully as he pulled of his beard and make up.

The effort has increased his stock as one of the leading XA operatives in that not only did he dupe the officials (who only requested he leave town within 10 days) but he also stumped Darwin locals, who somehow believed his outlandish claims that he was on a world trip in a home made boat that he made on the verandah!

Locals showered him with beer pouring forth from Darwin stubbies and he almost blew his cover (after a couple) when he slipped back into his Kiwi squawk. He saved himself only by ripping open a bottle of vodka (from the food and other gifts brought to him) and bursting into an impromptu highland dance wearing only his jock strap.

Immigration officials issued a brief statement today: "We just want him out of here; what does he think this is, a free country?"

That his dupe made world headlines earned him the XA undercover operative of the month award. (Mainly because of the fact that we didn't have to pay him a sheckle for the docs as he generated his own funding at the port! Fuck him; what does he think we are; made of money!!!)

Word is that all other XA 'ops' are already thinking of ways to top Steve's recent work...either that or top us. (Incidentally XA HQ is relocating, well if we can find somewhere; open to offers, well somewhere near a pub)

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