Aussies & The QM-2. Their psyche laid bare.

Thursday, 22 February 2007 By Unregistered Corresp
The Queen Mary-2 docks into Sydney Tuesday night. Seems like the half of Sydney got in their cars to see the ship and wave to the wealthy & bloated passengers. What a typical reaction from a nation of morons. My girlfriend was trying to drive home (Surrey Hills) from Lane Cove Tuesday night. She finally did, but after 2 1/2 hours instead of the average 20-30 minutes.
The traffic was horrendous she told me. Not moving much at all. Why? Because there were so many cars on the road that evening. Many more than usual and all because everyone got home from work and was trying to get down to Wooloomooloo to see the QM2. Yeah, that's right - nothing better to do but find a parking spot and wave to the passengers who paid a minimum of $50,000.00 for a ticket. Penthouse suite is $275,000.00.
What makes the average person go through hell on the highway to see a boat full of extremely wealthy people and wave to them???? It's the same lemming, moronic character that defines the people of Australia.
There are people starving. People losing their jobs under the new IR laws. Nurses so worried that they have funded their own TV adverts. People dying. Wars. Climate change. Hospitals and social services in a mess......but what do Aussies care most about? Getting on down to the water to wave to rich cunts.

I will tell you this: I hope John Howard gets in at the next election. He will take this nation by the hair on the back of its head and first push their faces into the grinding wheel until their face is a bloody mess. Then he will push their face into a bowl of their own shit. This is exactly what this nation of conservative, selfish and small-minded cunts deserves. The people who voted Howard in the last time. They will of course only get the leader they deserve - and they do deserve it very much.

No worries, mate!
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