Monday, 16 November 2015 By Max Gross
Dirty Deeds Done by the Devout

'Faith may be defined briefly as the illogical belief in the occurence of the improbable' - H.L. Mencken
'What mean and cruel things men do for the love of God' - Somerset Maugham
'The Pope! How many divisions does HE have!' - Josef Stalin
'It's very interesting when you think about it, the slaves who left here to go to America, because of their steadfast and their religion and their belief in freedom, helped change America' - George W. Bush, Senegal, July 8 2003

So. Terrorism.

The latest eruption (Ignoring the Middle East, of course) has once again occurred in France, across six locations, with hundreds of victims of suicidal bombers and shooters.

Now Parisians understand what Palestinians, Lebanese, Afghans and Iraqis have known for decades: innocence is no excuse.

So. Terrorism.

How is the United States of Amnesia (Gore Vidal's perfect descriptor) managing its war on a pronoun as declared by the retired war criminal and world famous idiot George Dubya Bush and his claque?

Let's look at the root cause.

Now, usually I enjoy a root as much as anyone, but this shite is as virulently malign as it is sheer bloody bonkers.

I see a straight line, point to point, drawn in blood:

(1) Religion

(2) Israel

(3) US militarism

So. Terrorism.

From Palestine to New York, from Baghdad to London, from Damascus to Paris.

And if you think the murderous fanatics of ISIL, ISIS, IS, Islamic State or Daish (or "Dash" as various fuckwits continue to mispronounce it) simply appeared out of thin air then you have the intelligence of an oyster and should go back to sleep.

Let's be clear about this latest atrocity.

Let's call it by it's actual - as opposed to franchised - name.

It ain't terrorists, baby, it's believers.

It ain't terrorism, it's religion.

In God We Trust and Got Mit Uns. Inshallah.

That's right. It's the crazed belief in sky gods what done it.

Religion is NOT sacred, it is utterly bloody stupid.

Decades of bloody blowback against US interference and militarism has metastasized into religious duty.

Does anyone else see the grotesque irony of people in France and around the world PRAYING for the victims of this latest expression of religious devotion in Paris?

We must change the language we use to describe such outbursts of dogma and violence.

Child-abuse is what Richard Dawkins rightly called the "religious instruction" of children. And that, surely, is how our latest "terrorists" were nurtured, with preposterous fairy tales and the demented conviction of the "chosen".

How old was that Sydney boy who suddenly felt it his holy mission to murder a perfect stranger? Fourteeen? Fifteen?

Christianity did most of its dirty work withsword and cross in faded memory while Islam has more recently grown fangs and hair on its knuckles in the form of a blood-thirsty minority hell-bent (Pun intended) on making believers or corpses out of anyone not already a member of their exclusive brethren.

Muslims seem to have been a little slow out of the convert-or-kill blocks, historically speaking, but have made the grade.

It's about time religion was recognised as the serious mental illness that is really is.

The worst aspect of the attacks in Paris is the news from Greece that some of the killers passed through the Hellenic basketcase as registered refugees escaping from the civil war in Syria.

This bodes very, very ill for the millions of desperate people on the move seeking asylum and no doubt gives repugnant arseholes like deposed Aussie PM Tony Abbott a warm, fuzzy feeling.

As for Abbott's Dr Frankenstein, deposed Aussie PM John Howard, he must feel proud as a pup that pooed on a brand new carpet. 

For it was Howard who first blew the terrorist dog whistle for political advantage in 2001 when he sicced heavily armed SAS warriors onto the MV Tampa to prevent the good Captain Rinnan from depositing his cargo of rescued refugees onto precious Aussie soil.

The sick joke, of course, is that Rinnan rescued them at the request of Australia and, despite the SAS and a billion or so dollars pissed away by the Australian government trying to keep them out, eventually Canada accepted one, Norway two, Sweden seven, Australia 28 and New Zealand 208.

That's right, kids, they were all assessed as genuine refugees.

Not a single potential threat among them.[Go here to revisit this obscene and opportunistic abuse of innocent victims of terrorism - OUR terrorism:]. 

Really, I wonder how much worse we can treat the innocent Untermensch we have incarcerated indefinitely in our island gulags. I mean, we already subject asylum seekers to levels of state-sponsored torment no convicted murder, rapist or pederast could ever legally be subjected to.

So. Terrorism.

For the Chinese government the long-suffering Uighur ethnic minority can be executed as “terrorists” for seeking basic human rights.

In Zimbabwe that old nutter Mugabe disappears whomever he pleases... or whoever displeases him.

And in that glorious Stalinist paradise-in-aspic, North Korea, imprisoning citizens forever is standard and who are we to say otherwise?

After all, such methods of dealing with terrorists - and traitors! - have been sanctified by the god-blessed USA, that fount of exclusivity, self-righteousness and virtuous murder-by-drone.

And some well-meaning fools still have the nerve to question my alcoholism!

So. Terrorism.

If you want to defeat this scary pronoun there's one way to do it.

Presidents, premiers and prime ministers must stop invoking god when they address their respective nations.

Governments must stop treating religious cults as untouchable sacred cows (Pun intended) and start taxing them and denouncing the influence of charlatans who make a living off the superstitious frailty of others.
People - YOU! - must stop tolerating deluded religious believers.

Priests, mullahs and rabbis must, by law, be prohibited from going anywhere near a child, let alone "teaching" a child their bizarre bullshit.

University and college theology departments must be shut down and the "teaching" of religion as fact made illegal.

The Torah, the Qur'an and the Bible must be consigned to the Science Fiction and Fantasy (Horror?) section of libraries.

Religion must be relegated to the Age of Ignorance from whence it came.

Let de-radicalise the entire human race and declare religion - ALL religion - the enemy of civilization.

So. Terrorism.

Who knows when and where the next collateral damage will occur (Ignoring the Middle East, remember) but the thought of the likes of our Just-us Minister Michael Keenan or Human Potato Peter Dutton - or any other professional LIEbral or Lobar mediocrity - "protecting" me from terrorism is as serious a claim for consideration as the Pope's magical ability to create instant "saints".

How many angels can fit on the head of a pin? About as many as I can shove up a bishop's arse.

One thing's for sure: whenever a politician starts talking about "our values, our freedoms, our way of life", grab a vomit bag and sprint ("Dash"?) for the nearest exit.

God bless you all with lots of super-dooper holy orgasmic sparkly shit, amen, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Now stand by for some god-fearing moron in the US killing a Sikh and then it's back to our regular scheduled programming.

This was Max Gross for Xenox News, feeling grim, feeling glum, feeling done to dearth. Cheers, sheeple!

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