Sunday, 19 June 2005 By Patriot

It seems that the Mad Mullahs of Tehran are at it again: trying to de-stabilise the freshly minted democracy of Iraq.

This time it appears they are trying to distract attention from their own farcical ‘elections’ by supporting an upsurge of violence in Iraq. Latest reports indicate that this includes terrorist activities such as oil pipeline sabotage and allowing more terrorists to cross their border into their free and democratic neighbour. And now there are more worrying incidents, such as reports of the Iranians lobbing mortars at Iraqi Defense posts along their border.

Coupled with their relentless drive to obtain nuclear weapons, this is an indication of how desperate the crazed clerics who lead Iran are. Obviously terrified that their people might actually want a real election like the one many of their brothers and sisters had in Iraq earlier this year, they are trying to distract the world of their true intentions.

We cannot let this happen.

These tyrants of Tehran have to be told that, no matter what they try, freedom is coming their people’s way and it would be better for them to leave now than to try and fight it! Along with the Syrians, the Iranian theocracy has been keeping the Iraqi insurgency bubbling along, hoping it would force the Coalition of the Willing out of Iraq. Well they can be sure that the leaders of the free world, President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair, won’t put up with their shenanigans. These great men have stared down tyranny in Saddam’s Iraq and you can be sure they will do the same to the Mad Mullahs of Tehran if they continue on their present course.

It is obvious that any negotiation with the dictators of Tehran is useless and we shouldn’t be fooled by their diplomatic games. The only thing these Islamofascists recognise is strength, and we in the free world should back our leaders to the hilt as they try and overthrow the morally bankrupt regime in Tehran.

Only then will the people of Iran enjoy the freedom and democracy that they desperately crave!

God Bless,


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