Wednesday, 26 March 2003 By Correspondent

I reckon this whole Saddam is dead/injured is a total cock and bull story set up by the ding-a-ling psy-op spooks in Washington.

It was probably thought up way before any "target of opportunity” arrived.

The plan:

1. Fire a "targeted" strike at start of war.
2. Start leaking selected items to media about "intelligence sources in Baghdad say.."
3. Come out with lines like "...Saddam's command and control is falling apart".
4. Keep at it until everyone starts reporting it.
5. When Saddam does appear tell your media that "intelligence sources are examining it's authenticity", they will, as they have been all along, follow like sheep and report this as meaning there are doubts about him.

Probably not a bad plan, the obvious aim was to cause the Army to start a coup because now Saddam is gone, however the fact that they haven't and that Iraqi's are still resisting means that it is obviously bullshit.

They are still at it though; maybe it's the only realistic plan they have?

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