Spinning Private Lynch: U.S. Iraq Farce Fools Patridiots all of the Time

Wednesday, 28 May 2003 By agitprop
You remember the breathtaking headlines, right? Sure you do, think hard now... ...and try to forget your footy team lost this weekend (Ed: Mine didn't ). Brave little Jessica Lynch, the 19 year old army private "hero" who "went down fighting", received "multiple gunshot wounds" and a "stab wound" before being captured by Iraqi forces. The subsequent dramatic rescue of Private Jessica by daring US forces which inspired American patridiots everywhere, was a story splashed across the media around the world.Later, however, the entire event was exposed for what it was: a military PR stunt. With no Iraqi soldiers guarding the hospital, the army Rangers and Navy Seals could have just knocked on the front door and asked for her. But that wouldn't have looked so flash on the fabulously exciting five-minute video that the Pentagon released to image-fixated news networks. It was soon revealed that Jessica had NOT received any bullet or stab wounds, but had sustained broken bones when her truck tipped over.No doubt, Hollywood - or at least Foxtel - will put together a rousing action movie to perpetuate the myth that so many flag-waving Americans salivate for. A war prompted by lies, fought with lies, and still being "justified" by lies. Well, I guess the good old boys in poor little Jessica's West Virginia home state will queue up for tickets. Meanwhile, thousands of Iraqis have died, hundreds of thousands are still without water and medical care, and guess what? There are no "Weapons of Mass Destruction", no Saddam Hussein, no Osama Bin Laden. What we do seem to have though are heaps more terrorist atrocities. By now it's pretty obvious that George Dubya Bush, the Presidunce of Duhmerica, and his cronies, lied about their reason for invading Iraq. And that they have also utterly failed to nobble terrorism is self-evident. US "shock-and-awe" tactics have not intimidated desperate individuals and gangs from going about their violent business, but provided them with more cause. Bush's outrageously belligerent, insulting and unilateral actions have given organisations like Al Qaeda more ammo for their recruitment drive.
Pity so many Americans are so utterly clueless - and careless - about the activities of their deceitful Leaders.
Pity the Bush regime doesn't practise the democratic ideals it purports to represent.
Pity the self-appointed global sheriff in Washingtoon has no interest in bringing all his might and resources to bear in stopping the slaughter in the Congo. I know they're just blacks but, after all, they DO have oil fields over there!
Given the scope of the cruel and tragic farce orchestrated by the Bush administration - not just in Iraq, but around the world - for a little light relief go here for a really good laugh: http://www.jessica-lynch.com/ Too bad the US Army has gagged Jessica from telling the truth about what really happened during her fabulous Iraqi adventure.
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