Saturday, 25 December 2004 By Patriot

Christmas; a time of peace. But in some parts of the world the spectre of terrorism is casting a shadow over this holy day. This is especially so in Iraq, with the terrorists directly challenging its path to democracy. Now the Baathist regime of Damascus is coming under scrutiny following revelations of it’s involvement with the terrorists in Iraq.


The Syrian regime has had a long history of supporting international terrorism, from Yasser Arafat to Hezbollah. As terrorist atrocities occur daily in Iraq, more and more information is coming to hand that links this regime with the perpetrators of this hideous violence.

Information obtained from insurgents in Fallujah show that officials of the Syrian Government have direct links to these fighters. Satellite images show terrorist training camps, and there is good evidence that just prior to the liberation of Iraq vast quantities of WMD material was trucked into this Baathist dictatorship.



Syrian Terrorist Camp located just over Iraqi border.


The international response to this information should be clear and united. Syria must stop all co-operation with the terrorist thugs in Iraq and hand over all WMD material and information they possess. It is no time for diplomatic niceties; if democracy is to come to Iraq, Syria must butt out immediately.

And if they don’t stop, the dictators of Damascus might find themselves sharing a jail cell with their former Baathist ally Saddam.



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