Weapons Of Mass Destruction For Sale!

Thursday, 03 October 2002 By Pee Shooter
The escalating war babble, the deliberate provocation and in-your-face hypocrisy of Britain and the U.S. is utterly obscene.

In the good old daze, when Iran was the 'bad guy", they trained the Iraqi armed forces. Their special forces were in Baghdad training Iraqi special forces! They trained pilots in the Royal Air Force to fly aircraft and drop bombs. They gave Saddam Hussein the technology and the material to produce his so-called "weapons of mass destruction" (WOMD?!) !

This blatant duplicity makes a mockery of U.S. accusations that Saddam Hussein is defying the world and is a "threat to world peace"!

World peace? Well, depends where in the world you fucking live, doesn't it!

Jesus, what a load of bullshit!

Every tub-thumping politician from Dumbya Bush and Ratfuck Rumsfeld to Bow Wow Blair gets on television and says “Saddam Hussein gassed his own people and is a disgrace to the world.”

But within the year after that attack at Halabjah - in 1988 when 5,000 Kurds were killed in a chemical attack by Saddam's forces - America sent representatives from major U.S. companies for a personal audience with that opponent of Islamic extremism, friend of the free world and buddy of U.S. big business Saddam Hussein himself!

Shit! I'll buy THAT for a dollar!

If Bush, Blair and own very own Mini Me-Too PM Howard are so keen on igniting a middle east war, put THEM on the bloody front line!

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