9/11? Get over it!

Thursday, 15 March 2007 By Max Gross
At the U.S gulag in Guantanamo Bay – that little bit of Cuba that is neither Cuba nor the United States nor any other place of earth with a recognisable judicial system – the rogue Bush regime would have us believe that they have nailed the mastermind behind the September 11 2001 Saudi hit on New York’s Twin Eyesores and the Pentagon's military-industrial cess-pit. Bullshit, b'wana!

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After 4 years of secret imprisonment, beatings, torture and terrorism in "ghost" U.S. prisons, at the first of a series of kangaroo court show trials worthy of old Uncle Joe Stalin, Al Qaeda “suspect” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has supposedly admitted it all: not o­nly was he “operational director” behind 9/11 (or, as the rest of the world’s calendars have it, 11/9) but also the Bali strip club hits and a bunch of other attacks o­n U.S. interests.

And his admission was supposedly given up freely and without “coercion”. Yeah, right!

And there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that were an imminent threat to your pet budgie, Israel has no nukes, is not run by white collar crims and religious fanatics and is a pluralist democracy where all are welcome (except Russian Jews), and sundry “terrorists” threaten Western civilisation as we know it and are conspiring behind the backyard azalea bush to force you wear a burqua…Quick, where’s my PM-approved fridge magnet! I need to wipe my arse!

Given the contrived tsunami of lies, distortions, exaggerations and secretions (oh, yuck!) broadcast by the Bush, Blair and Howard governments before, during and after “mission accomplished” in Iraq, who can possibly believe anything that emanates from these illegal, immoral and sickeningly laughable show trials orchestrated by the Busheviks?Axis


Even if Khalid “did it” how the hell can we believe it?

Is there evidence aside from this “confession” delivered after 4 years of water-boarding and poo-jabbing by CIA thugs and Bushevik stooges behind closed doors?

Is there a nifty slide-show to be shown in the U.N. for the edification of member states, hosted by the o­nce respected-now discredited (in his words!) Colin Powell? (What WAS that white power in the vial he held up? Sniff, sniff!)

Is there a muffled, incomprehensible recording (spoken in Pakistani) that spills the grisly beans?

Is there some cock-eyed eye-witness, codenamed Curveball, or Caveman, or Balls-up, who, although considered a fucking nutter by anyone that know him, is all the Busheviks have to base their usual bullshit o­n?

Nope, this lame duck don’t fly, folks!

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The little Bush that cried wolf, wolf, WOLF when there was not even a puppy o­n the horizon, has fucked-up all future prospects for combating “terrorism”, real, imagined or fabricated.

As far as I’m concerned, poor old Khaled can go home to Pakistan and write his bloody memoirs in peace, ‘cos truth died in America when the George W. Bogus coup changed the world’s greatest “superpower” into the world’s greatest threat to freedom and democracy. Impeach and imprison the buggers!

And in mud-spattered Downunder things aren’t much rosier neither either:

The current Reporters Without Borders index warns that increasing police intervention and government gags have plunged Australia’s press freedoms below those of many ex-Soviet bloc countries.

In fact, Australia is now ranked 35, down from 31 in 2005.Welcome to the Lying Rodent's Tory version of Democracy, dickheads!

This was Max Gross for xenoxnews.com, watching as the mud flys, listening to Lib lies, and mixing the mai-tais… Tick, tick, tick!

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