Dead Duck, Lame Duck: Osama, Obama

Wednesday, 11 May 2011 By Max Gross


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Raving XN reporter Max Gross rakes the stinking muck gushing from the Oval Orifice in Washingtoon, USA, USA, USA!

Osama Bin Laden's latest reported death ten miles inside Pakistan - after a decade of unrelenting slaughter of innocents across the Middle East by the US, its proxies and Israel - raises one obvious question:

What is lame duck US President Barack O-Brother-Can-You-Spare-A-Dime trying to distract us from, hmm?

Skip the understandable outrage about state-sanctioned assassination by order of the Whore House and Pentagoon.

That's nothing new and has been standard US practice for more than half a century, at least. The only difference - since 9/11 - is that these crimes are committed in plain view. A bit like Israel and Mossad.Picture Preview

Fox-fed couch spuds believe Osama Bin Shot and his sympathisers are all "terrorists" and "jihadists" that hate hot dogs, MTV and the wonders of Disneyland. The paranoic ignorante simply ignore the genuine grievances and injustices that exist across the Middle East with US complicity.

Savvy Arab dictators call protesters terrorists. The West calls them heroes.

The enlightened West labels those who oppose the West as evil terrorists, just as the enlightened - and fashionably attired - Colonel Gaddafi calls his opponents terrorists.

Ah yes, children, always remember that one wo/man's meat is another wo/man's tofu.

Ok, so Osama Bin Laden's execution was apparently executed (cough!) by an elite commando team of US Navy SEALs last week. Arf, arf!

In fact, these highly skilled amphibious mammals are so elite they had to double-tap the unarmed and ailing Osama after kicking-in his bedroom door in the wee small hours, shooting one of his wives and dragging him outside.

The invalid invalid (Get it?) probably waved his cane at them therefore placing them in elite fear for their elite lives.

I missed that episode of The GWOT because I was washing my socks but I saw a televised souvenir snapshot of a serious looking Barack Obama and a bunch of serious looking guys, including a serious looking State Sec Halal Clinton, intently watching a supposedly "live feed" of the assassination on TV although their laptops appeared blank. Damn laptop batteries never last long enough!

But I figured it might be serious so I grabbed a cold tinny and continued to wash my socks.

Picture PreviewPakistani officials immediately declared they knew nothing of the US attack and a "strong rebuke" to the US was made.

Yup, they did that. Again. Scared the poop out of the entire US Army that did.

A strong Paki rebuke of persistent Yank incursions is sort of like Australia's "serious concern" regarding human rights abuses by our best and biggest trading partner, Red China.

And a bit like the the US saying it is "concerned by the destruction of religious (i.e. Shiite) sites" in Bahrain by the reigning Khalifa autocracy, whose prime minister, Sheikh Khalifa ibn Salman al Khalifa, 75, has clung to power for the past 40 fecking years and is trying to douse the spark of democratic protest in his own private Idaho by calling on the Saudi Army (cough!) to help crush the local flowering of the Arab Spring (also Shiite) that is also struggling to survive in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria.

But unlike in Libya, there are no US/NATO bomb strikes to help out "the people" in Bahrain. I guess those Bahraini flowers must be weeds then?

But, hey, Bahrain right? That's where the US parks its mighty, world-threatening Fifth Fleet, so DUH!

Meanwhile, back in Pakistan, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has warned that if the US conducted another terrorist attack on his turf, "Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate with full force".

Would that be nuclear or another "rebuke"?

My guess it just means providing more support for the Taliban by the Paki secret service.Picture Preview

Former Pakistan dictator Perverse Musharraf, posing as "an opposition party in exile" in the UK, lambasted the SEAL assault as a "violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan", just as another flock of Predator drones shot by.

But it seems there's a new sub-plot in the dramatic story so far. Ah-ha!

There is some sort of secret deal between the corrupt Paki hierarchy and the corrupt US hierarchy, and while Pakistan may not have been forewarned, it had apparently agreed to the attack "in principle".

Damn, that's a good one.

If you believe the latest version of events, this deal was struck under Musharraf and renewed by the Pak army in the "transition to democracy", the six-months from February 2008 while that wily old goat was still president but a civilian government had been "elected".

A former US official told reporters that Pakistan's official outrage was merely the "public face" of the bilateral deal.

"We knew they would deny this stuff," the anonymous source sayeth.

Picture PreviewLast November, WikiLeaks released US embassy cables suggesting that "this stuff" is consistent with Pakistan's unspoken policy towards ongoing US drone strikes inside Pakistan.

As drone strikes escalate with utter impunity at Barack Obama's command, Paki officials continue to denounce US activities and the Pakistani government does absolutely fuck-all about them.

Hmm,and I seem to recall a certain nasty affair back in January when a certain nasty Mr Raymond Davis, a "CIA man", shot dead two Pakistanis in broad daylight in a narrow street. The natives went apeshit and the bloke was nabbed by the local cops.

The US claimed diplomatic immunity and, with the complicity of the Pakistani government, secured his acquittal and smuggled him out of the country, bribes having been paid to the victims' grieving families.

Sheesh, no wonder Has-bin Laden is considered more admirable than the rotten dictators who represent US interests throughout the Muslim world.

Like Israel, the US does what it wants, when it wants, where it wants... as long as its in a small, relatively defenceless third-world country.

Yet many Americans still don't comprehend why the US is mistrusted and despised.

Bin Laden's latest death was staged as a classic gangland - or Mossad - hit.

Safe to say that Osama bin Laden probably knew too much. Now he sleeps with the fishes, like the Capo di tutti Capi says. Cue ominous End Title soundtrack.Picture Preview

Oh, and I loved that bit of guff describing the dumping of the old bugger's corpse in the ocean as a "dignified Muslim burial at sea".

Just one prob: "burial" at sea is not a Muslim ritual.

So anyhoo, every Muslim remains a terrorist suspect as Muslim communities around the world continue to be hounded for the crimes of a fanatic minority.

Way to go USA, just keep pissing people off and you'll have peace in your time!

But with ordinary Americans getting felt up by security contractors, having naughty photos taken of them and generally being treated as "suspects" each time they want to board a domestic flight - and jumping at their own shadows - Bin Laden has clearly achieved at least some of his aims.

In the past week, paranoia saw three innocuous US imams, including a US-born Muslim travelling to a conference on Islamophobia, booted off US domestic flights due to "security fears". Other passengers and some pilots didn't like the look of them.

Yeah right, if I was a Muslim terrorist I'd board a plane dressed in traditional garb too!

Ironically (and irony is definitely the word of the decade), whatever the truth regarding "terrorist" threats to our obsession with war-porn and wide-screen plasma TVs, the US has shown time and again that it cannot be trusted.

As for the 9/11Picture Preview "Truth Commission", it was a discredited white-wash. Neither Bush nor Cheney would cooperater and nothing substantial came to light. The whole thing stank then and still stinks.

Serious questions remain unanswered and unremarked by even Mr President "Change-You-Can-Believe-In".

Don't believe anything the White House or Pentagon say until it is officially denied.

Let's face it, sheeple, 9/11 gave a incompetent Bush administration carte blanche to proclaim a shit-load of unconstitutional, anti-democratic, kleptocratic, blood-soaked bait-and-switch actions that horrified the civilised world.

Like the man said: 19th Century imperialism, 21st Century-style.

But what else would you expect from a bunch of exclusive, top-end swindlers who continue to use indiscriminate weapons of terror like white phosphorus and cluster bombs on civilians as well as on "terrorist suspects".

So, there endeth the latest GWOT episode. Stay tuned, children, while we break for this important message!

"I truly am not that concerned about him” said of the world’s most dangerous idiot George W. Bush in 2002, six months after he had declared Osama bin Laden must be caught dead or alive.

"Where's Osama bin Laden?" he was asked by that dimwit John Kerry.

Dumbass Bush replied "I don't know. I don't really think about him very much. I'm not that concerned."

Prior to 9/11, he was also unconcerned by intelligence reports warning him of likely Al Qaeda attacks on prominent US monuments or buildings using hijacked planes.

The Bush league was in charge of America's domestic security but ignored all warnings and continued to play golf, munch pretzels and accumulate as much wealth for themselves and their selfish cronies as possible.

Then again, the Bush family and the Bin Laden family have been business partners for a very, very long time...Picture Preview

Indeed, on the very day the World Trade Centre got hit and all air traffic was stood down, the many Bin Ladens visiting the US at the time were allowed to fly home. No questions asked.

Another interesting point. The FBI's Most Wanted web page featuring the late Bin Laden makes no mention of 9/11 whatsoever. It never has.

In 2006, Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI, was asked why not by author Paul V. Sheridan.

Tomb replied, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Osama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.”

Tomb continued, “Bin Laden has not been formally charged in connection to 9/11.”

Feel that twitch in your eye? How about the slight contraction of your anal sphincter? A little twinge of discomfort in your information comfort zone?

“The FBI gathers evidence," explained the FBI's PR Chief. "Once evidence is gathered, it is turned over to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice than decides whether it has enough evidence to present to a federal grand jury. In the case of the 1998 United States Embassies being bombed, Bin Laden has been formally indicted and charged by a grand jury. He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connected Bin Laden to 9/11.”

Remember that blurry “confession” video featuring a sort of squat, "fat-nosed" Bin Laden that the US government released way back in December 2001?Picture Preview

The Bush gang, Congress and lamestream media paraded that video as if it was absolutely positively authentic.

It was the "smoking gun", straight from the whore's mouth, the neo-con Holy Grail incriminating Bin Laden, hands-down, slam dunk, bring-it-on, sweet home Alabama!

Dumbass Bush referred to it as “a devastating declaration” of Bin Laden’s guilt.

Fcukwit Giuliani, Mayor of New York at the time, parroted the White House line that “the tape removes any doubt that the US military campaign targeting Bin Laden and his associates is more than justified.”

Picture PreviewThe malignant Rumsfeld even declared that “There was no doubt of Bin Laden’s responsibility for the September 11 attacks before the tape was discovered,” but no further "evidence" was presented.

And Bush's Brit bitch ex-PM Bliar cited the video as evidence of Bin Laden's 9/11 complicity although he had not yet seen the video and relied on fraudulent US transcripts as his "evidence".

But the US had nothing linking Bin Laden to 9/11.

To this very day. Nothing. No charges. No indictment.


Going after the alleged "mastermind" of 9/11 was at the core of the Bush/Blair/Howard Axis of Weevils insistent justification for invading Afghanistan and destroying Iraq.

And staying there.

So why does the FBI reckon the 2001 “confession video” is NOT hard evidence?

Comprehensively answering that question, the on-line "Military Veteran and Foreign Affairs Journal" Veterans Today features a disturbing article by Marine Vietnam veteran Gordon Duff titled "BIN LADEN AND 9/11: THE EVIDENCE" [ ] which I recommend all XN readers to read.

Even the "new" Osama footage that the Whore House claims were video'd just last year and acquired last week by the SEAL hit squad is apparently the same stuff circulating four years ago.Picture Preview

As for the snapshot of Bin Laden currently going round purportedly showing a head-shot of the head shot, well, it's a fake too, photoshopped using an old shot of the Saudi Megamind and another shot of a shot nobody (Whew! Say that six times really fast!). Check it out and its pretty fekking obvious.

Anyhoo, that odious super villain Osama Bin Laden warned in his "final audio tape recorded before being killed" that there would be no US security until Palestinians lived in security, according to a so-called Islamist website.

Gee, is that what Osama was doing at 2 in the morning as the really neat new stealth choppers whispered overhead? (Let's not dwell on the one that cacked itself and then got blown up by the SEALs).

Addressing useless US President I'm-Broke Obama, he is quoted thus:

"America will not be able to dream of security until we live in security in Palestine. It is unfair that you live in peace while our brothers in Gaza live in insecurity." Ah-ha! Again!

Given the reunion and cooperation announced by democratically elected Hamas in Gaza and the limping Palestinian Authority is the West Bank, one thing is certain: the murdering, terrorist scum-bags in Israel and it's US sponsors will do all they can to undermine the new Palestinian nationalist partnership to make sure it never gets off the ground.

Picture PreviewSpeaking of "murdering, terrorist scum-bags", I guess this highly publicised and praised assassination by US forces sneaking into a sovereign state makes it ok then for an Iraqi commando hit squad to raid the Bush enclave in down-town Dallas, double-tap the Shrub's ass and then dump his body at sea in a "dignified" manner?

And speaking of irony, did you hear that the Bush regime accomplice John Asscroft has been hired as an Ethics Adviser... by Xee - formerly known as Blackwasser Butchers Inc.

Yup, “Ethics Advisor”. I kid you not.

XN readers will recall Asscroft as the former US Attorney-General under George W. Bogus.

It was Asscroft that oversaw many of the Bush league's constitutional abuses.

It was Asscroft who refused to comply with the Senate Judiciary Committee's demands to produce copies of legal memos that Bush league lawyers prepared asserting that as US commander-in-chief, Dubya had the legal right to torture whoever he felt like.

XN readers will also recall that Blackwasser made megabucks in Iraq as guns-for-hire for the Bush league and made headlines when five of its mercenaries were indicted for the 2007 massacre of 17 Iraqi civilians.

Asscroft's interpretation of ethics and Blackwasser/Xee's are clearly a marriage of like mercenary minds.Picture Preview

The force of the Farce continues with impunity.

But if you think all the above is just the ranting of a drunken, deluded conspiracy theorist, then you are a nutless moron and have obviously swallowed the bait, hook and sinker that was delivered post-9/11 by the Bush/Cheney gang.

I mean, seriously after a decade of US aggression, deception, disinformation, obstruction and outright bloody lies, how can anyone take anything emanating from the White House or Pentagon at face value?

Yet we we go again, the lazy lamestream media simply acting as gormless stenographers instead of asking the tough questions and digging for the facts.

Fukkit, Nick Cave was right: people just ain't no good.Picture Preview

And I need a fecking drink!

Now sheeple, pre-purchase your movie tickets for Matt Damon starring as a rough but likeable Navy Seal; Kris Kristofferson as bad guy Osama; and - in black-face - Jim Carey as hapless Obama in "Dead or Dead", the imminent Hollywood blockbuster.

After all, that's where most Americans get their morals and their learnin' 'bout "history" from.

OK folks, altogether now in very high-pitched voices: Ding dong, the witch is dead...

This is Max Gross venting steam for, fishing for sleep, wishing on a star-spangled bankruptcy and mixing a chilled Molotov. Cheers!


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