Is there a Solution for the mess in Ukraine?

Friday, 29 April 2022 By Harry Bismarck Jnr

The wanton destruction and killing by Putin's armies in the Ukraine has shocked the civilised world. Here in Europe we believed this type of thing was all in the past. But now, sights we thought beyond the pale are being re-enacted like it was that Georgian beast Stalin storming into Eastern Europe back in 1945. What a nightmare!

We all want this war to stop, but how?

 Otto von Bismarck

Otto von Bismarck. His cranium looks like a relief map of the moon

Well I believe that there is a solution; some old school Deutschland Diplomacy!

It was said my forefather Von Bismarck was able to control the wanton tribes of Eastern Europe and beyond with a glance of his monocle and a twist of his moustache. Today, I believe the Fatherland Germany can do it again. We can get these savages around the negotiating table, bang their blockheads together, and work out a final solution to this mess in the Ukraine.

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The West disposed of this monster, can't we do the same with Putin?

This crisis has awoken Germany from it's slumber. The Fatherland is finally realising that He needs to stand tall and flex his muscles on the international stage again. A first step has been made; taking up the mantle as EU leader, Germany has announced a massive new re-armament program to protect the heartlands of Europe from the threats from the East.

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This war has many confused...

And what should be Germany's demands at the negotiation table? Well it is very simple:

- Silesisia, Pomerania, and Konigsburg (nee Kalingrad) back to Germany

- Poland to assimilitate West Ukraine

- East Ukraine back to sub human east and we build a wall along the Dniepr River to keep these barbarians out.

The good old days

I don't want to hear any complaining from those roundheads in Warsaw. At least this time around we are letting Poland exist!

This clear 3 point plan, while not satisfying everyone, should give the stability for these regions to recover from war and to begin growing again. Why, under Germany's watchful eye, the East can bloom into a wonderful place with living space for everyone.

I say now the time is ripe for Germany to stand proud! Time for Germany to be respected, and perhaps a little feared, again!


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