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US Govt's Excuse to Invade Iraq: a US Pilot Back from the Dead!

Created: Wednesday, 26 June 2002 Written by Alex_Hydell
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Holy Crusaders, Batman! An American pilot shot down by the Iraqis in 1991 and secretly held prisoner ever since?

Hmm! Just twelve hours after American Navy pilot Lt. Commander Scott Speicher ’s plane was shot down in the opening salvos of the so-called "Gulf War", General Colin Powell, then head of the U.S. military, and Dick Cheny, then Secretary of Defense, held a press conference and pronounced him dead. Almost a decade later, in 2000, Speicher's status was quietly altered from "Killed In Action" to "Missing In Action" . What's more, the poor bugger was even promoted!

Declared not dead (undead?), Scott Speicher received promotions he would have been eligible for as a serving naval officer.

In 2001, his name was included in a list of officers recommended for promotion that the US Military submits to the Senate, and his new rank of Captain (The naval equivalent to Colonel) was approved.

But not a whisper from the White House.

This despite the fact that on 11 March THIS year (2002, nimrod!) a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee claimed a Navy pilot shot down over Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War was still alive and being held captive in Iraq.

Could be that the Scott Speicher case is only being kept secret because Presidunce Bush and his oil barons are waiting for an opportune moment to make the sudden dramatic announcement:

Oh lordy, lordy, our all-american boy's ALIVE! We must rescue him immediately! Take that Sad-damn, you nasty, nasty person you!

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