When it all feels a bit uptight

Saturday, 11 December 2021 By Frank Blues

I have silky soft skin. Mainly because it is aged and saggy. But freed of the need to hold up my 'beauty' its liberation has led to another type of good looks. And to touch it... well it is, as they say, silky soft.

manus island rsl welcome

 We all want a good home, of course. Lounge, kitchen, bedroom. And bathroom. Passages to walk about to display your nakedness, but only to your mirrors on the wall please. No outside viewing!

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I don't mind. There is no people. They are hidden behind the wire a long way from here.


But you know. They shouldn't really complain. Can't always get what you want... The sea ain't made a whisky you know, and I ain't no duck!

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I wear lots of different clothes. But I'll never wave the black flag...that's for sure.

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