Cap'n Beefheart Gone

Saturday, 18 December 2010 By Tex Lumbago

Did you know he helped develop the 2 litre cask of fine wine?


Was in Eildon Road on a sunny winters afternoon with Frugal and Ryder enjoying the sweet taste of Langwarra flagon ($2.42 a bottle) when a knock on the door.


Survey person knocked on the door, and I believe it was I who moved the empties aside to open the door.

"What was our opinion on cask wine?"

It was fine; drank it all the time.


"Would we be interested in fine wine in a cask wine store?"


Hmmm...  needed to ask the boys? Whadday ya reckon?

"How much?"

"How good the wine?"


Ah, yes, we would be interested. The surveyman put the tick in the box.


And in a few months there it was in the POW bottle shop; 2 litre fine wine. In casks.


The Cap'n? Well he was the soundtrack that made the surveyman popping looks over my shoulder into our bottle crowded living room...


Our heads our only house until it rains...

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