Why the fight must go on!

Thursday, 29 April 2004 By Patriot
Islamic fascists attack Thai officials.
Terrorist attack in Syria.
Thugs and terrorists hold hostages in Iraq.
Civilians used as human sheilds by fanatics in Fallujah.
This is why we have to stand firm. The terrorists have heard the whinings of the anti-american left in the west and they think they can blackmail and scare us out of liberating Iraq.

Well they are wrong. Here in Baghdad the people I speak to want the US led liberation to go on. They don't want the left over remains of Saddams butcherous regime and the minions of Osama to prevail.

And that is why we must support the brave leaders of Australia, Britain and the US. They have put their reputations on the line and don't need to be stabbed in the back by mealy-mouhted opportunists like Latham.

I've spoken to the brave Aussie diggers and they know they are fighting the good fight!

Patriot, Baghdad.
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