Created: Thursday, 13 May 2004 Written by Patriot
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The grisly footage of the beheading of the US citizen by Al Qaeda factions in Iraq has sent a shockwave throughout the country. Firstly it proves to all but the most blinded anti-American leftie (ie Max Gross) that Al Qaeda is behind a substantial proportion of the terrorist bombings in Iraq.
Second it has shown the kind of barbarism we in the coalition are facing. It puts the mistakes at the Abu Gharib prison into true perspective: when we do something wrong we act on it immediately; the enemy we face has no such moral qualms and will kill with impunity and brutality.

Even the Iraqis I speak with in my daily travels throughout Baghdad agree that the beheading makes some of the abuse in that prison understandable:
“We see how much they hate you; maybe that is why your soldiers are so nervous” said one.

Only by the bravery and tenacity of our leaders and their armed forces will we be able to bring freedom to this part of the world. It might mean we get our hands dirty but this a fight that must be won.