Friday, 24 June 2005 By Pervis

Little fuckers!
(and smell like burning verdigris)

I was lying in bed, on my side, reading and fingering the laptop with one hand. It was sometime after dawn and it was quiet in the room.

I had one of those little irate things that you get on your skin. Not like when its itchy but just enough of a sensation that makes you want to scratch or rub it, more like a tickle than an itch. It was between my index finger and forefinger.

I reach out with the fingers from my other hand to scratch or rub the fucker and to my astonishment, without seeing it, I felt something on my hand! In that blink of a second, I grabbed whatever it was between my fingers and flung it onto the floor beside the bed. I heard it go clunk, clatter, like the sound of a tiny pebble.

Startled, my first thought was that it might have been one of those small jumping spiders.

I examined my fingers but there was no sign of irritation.

I then instinctively had a smell of my hand and - woomf - the most pungent odour - like that of burning jade and pungent verdigris emanated, powerfully, down my nostrils. Real strong, thick, odour, almost nauseatingly pungent, but not malodorous or putrefying. Kind of sticky sweet pungent; yet overwhelming all the same. I sniffed it again, my fingers were stained with the smell and I almost swooned at its pungency.

I scanned the floorboards for the object that I had grabbed between my thumb and forefinger and flung skittering along the floor but nothing was to be seen...

(and smell like ancient pungent verdigris)

Have I been inoculated by an alien?

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