Created: Thursday, 28 April 2005 Written by Patriot
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Isolated by the President Bush inspired democratic revolution sweeping the Middle East, the tyrannical leaders of Iran maybe plotting a cowardly first strike against the forces of freedom and democracy in Iraq. Reports out of Tehran point to a build up of anti-Western rhetoric from the paranoid Mullahs, as well as increased purchases of weapons and the formation of “suicide” squads to attack Western interests. Undoubtedly Tehran is feeling the pressure from the people power spreading democracy throughout the Islamic world. The Mullahs know that it is only a matter of time before their own people will rise up and throw off the shackles of the Islamic dictatorship so they can get the democracy and free enterprise the people of Afghanistan and Iraq now enjoy. The Mullahs also know that the brave leadership of President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair is squeezing their terrorist allies Hizbollah and Syria. Alone and embittered, it seems that the Tehran's tyrants may try a desperate throw of the dice to shore up their crumbling leadership; a first strike on the Coalition of the Willing forces in Iraq and the Persian Gulf.

While at first glance an attack by Iran on the US would seem suicidal it seems that Tehran’s leadership clique believe that now is probably the best chance they have of defeating “the Great Satan” (ie the US). They read the nonsense peddled by the liberal media in the West that the US is bogged down in Iraq and vulnerable. And with the likes of Chomsky, Pilger, and Max Gross spewing their rantings to a gullible leftist chattering class, they think that the people of the US, Britain, and Australia won’t have the stomach for further conflict. Said an Iranian Foreign Affairs official: “The Vietnam war taught us that with a biased and compliant media, propaganda and terrorism can beat the west”

...with the likes of Chomsky, Pilger, and Max Gross spewing their rantings to a gullible leftist chattering class...

However it would be a grave mistake for the Mad Mullahs to think that the people of the freedom-loving West are weakening in their resolve in the War on Terror. Forget the hot air from the anti-American “intelligentsia”, the past year has seen overwhelming support for President Bush’s and PM Howard’s leadership in the War on Terror at the ballot box. Do they forget the overwhelming response after 9/11? Didn’t the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan prove that we will not be threatened by tyrants? That we are willing to make the hard decisions and sacrifices so that all the peoples of the world can enjoy freedom and democracy and not suffer terror?

These Mad Mullahs should be warned that if the brave soldiers of the COW are attacked they will strike back. And strike back hard. And it will be the tyrannical leaders of Tehran who will suffer a crushing defeat.

God Bless,