"I will be judged" says John Howard, arrogantly.

Friday, 20 July 2007 By Ron
Last night on the 7.30 report, Kerry O'Brien was interviewing JH and put some difficult questions to him about Perky Pete's comments in the new biography. Johnny answered one question about his track record by saying that "I will be judged by what sort of steward I have been and how I have steered this country into economic prosperity and by the reforms I have undertaken including tax reforms and workplace relations reforms."

Tax reforms??? You mean the scourge of the GST??
Workplace relation reforms??? You mean the new IR laws which will essentially mean a 30% cut in wages across the board for workers???

Yeah. Damn right we'll judge you on those things John. Don't worry about that.

He said he was a "servant of the Australian people." Funny. I dont understand how a servant can be introducing fiscal laws like GST when the Australian people did not want it.
I dont recall a "servant" introducing an insidious ID card by stealth.
I dont recall a "servant" making kids go to war when the Australian people protested in their millions saying they did NOT want to go to war.

Maybe I've missed something. Or maybe his definition is different to mine.

He's still a c*nt, either way you look at it.

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