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Created: Sunday, 05 February 2006 Written by Chato
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Rhyme for a state funeral Ode to lying filth

You awful, twisted, little turd
Where's a lie we haven't heard?
From the mouth, from the arse
Only lies shall ever pass

Truth is smeared with your shit
Stopping all the light of it
Lie and cheat, scheme and twist
Dirty crimes that make a list

Vandal, thug and philistine
Betrayer of the very fine
Accuse the decent of your crime
You are such a lump of slime

The dirty scum you call friends
They have used you for their ends
A gang of dirty thieves that kill
Leaving us to pay their bill

All gets dirtied by your touch
You have now defiled so much
That Time itself is in despair
At what it sees it must repair

Your many low and dirty acts
Will in time be known as facts
So deeply have you left your mark
So deeply did you make it dark

You think that you have really won
You sneaky little devil's son
But just a ruined and dirty soul
A filthy, black and sunless hole

You really bear a witch's curse
A liar's fate could not be worse
Your putrid soul now must remain
Forever with an awful stain

Those you hurt hide their fury
But they in time may be a jury
Time itself will be your judge
You'll be dead and cannot fudge

Much too late to hide your face
Even though you're in disgrace
Filth that lying made so brave
Filth now lying in its grave