There will be no surrender!

Created: Monday, 07 August 2006 Written by Flim Flam Man
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THE COCK-SUCKING FROG! Green and ready to gobble.

Amazing phosphorescent skin; peel it and smoke it.
Soldiers on the frontline are digging it;
Wanderin' round in a daze with the frog legs danglin' out their mouths.

A secret Middle Eastern delight...Monsieur COCK-SUCKING FROG.

Suck it, eat it, lick it, swallow it.

She’s dancing with her 7 veils…

And you lay with your new green friend.

Peace unto us all, and sweet relief too.
Cock-Sucking frogs offer the divine retribution;
For all those who worship and wail.

Tantric amphibian; the people’s choice