My Notion of a Man

Created: Saturday, 12 July 2003 Written by TEX LUMBAGO
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Is standing there legs planted firmly apart. Eyes bravely looking else where! Reports from overseas indicate that there are some problems afoot in the colonies.All dissent must be stamped out.
o­nly through tyranny can democracy be installed! Actually look at all them tombs unearthed - no other reason needed!
From a tiny trickle doth a river begin. So stand out o­n your back step and point your wee pecker at the bare grass and let your piss roll. Rolling under the glorious singing stars of Texas.

Grab da mic and let the words sail o­n...Theo says: "If I ever feel like the truth be in the way then I's squeeze me knackers and thank the lord for the void being the veil. o­n a river of tears let me sail ya down. Close 'em open em'."
Shut the shutters. Grab the dust. The shit hits the wire and out the antenna and then BOOM!