Created: Sunday, 19 October 2003 Written by TEX LUMBAGO
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And Frank gazed upon the feathers of the faithful after tithing Peyote. He had begotten Theo. Theo plied the airwaves with Chicken revelations. And Roger Rodeo heard them.... Roger wet, floating on his back, a sip from his bottle. Rippling stars. Whispering wind. Splash.

Roger on finding Theo:
"I was in the car. Caught the shortwaves. A listenin' to the espousin'. Jabbering away; and always it's the 'truth...truth...truth..the truth'.
Jesus! I've had the truth. Had her lips wrapped round the stalk. A tounge swiveling like a wild serpent, and there just as I blow! A little Chinky girl I think she was...
He offered me an invitation, an invocation to my demon brother. Shit, all I needed was the address!
And there it was, and I turned off the road."

Roger seeing a blade of grass, but too pissed to notice. Wanderin' through forest to lake to death.