Thursday, 24 January 2002 By Max Gross
He may not have 'golden tonsils", but as this transcript of the Alan "Pay Me Now" Jones bloopers tape (as recently aired on Triple J) clearly demonstrates, his vocabulary is profoundly limited.

But why not let the vicious old shitzu's barking speak for itself?
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"Oh shit a fucking brick and I hate doing 60 second fucking commercials, fucking sick of this. Jesus it annoys me, these fucken people. I mean I just tell 'em I wouldn't do it.

This is just bullshit, no-one listens, just a fucken waste of time and money.

Oh shit, fucking copy. Oh shit a fucken brick, god almighty.

It's just rubbish this, absolute rubbish. Oh shit, oh shit a fucking brick. Fucking sick of this. It’s one thing to prop up the bloody station and you are just treated like ouffle.

I've had a gutful for one day, and I am also sick and tired of propping up the fucken station and having to put up with them. Fucken sick of the lot of them and the whole bloody show.

Just a fucking waste of time and money. "

I'll buy THAT for a dollar!

This was Max Gross, and you're on-line with Xenox News!
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