The Bachelor Party

Sunday, 27 November 2005 By Chato
This is why you pay tax. Bronwyn and Meg lived together
for nearly two weeks. During that
time Bronwyn told Meg about her
many political encounters and how
she slowly developed herself into
the leperal she was. Bronwyn
didn't really see herself that
way, as a leperal, but rather
that she just enjoyed a
politically uninhibited
lifestyle. Meg, being a sixty
year old beautiful blonde, was
fascinated by Bronwyn's stories.
The more she heard, the more she
wanted to become like Bronwyn and
do some of the same things.

Meg explained to Bronwyn that she
didn't have much experience
politically. Her only boyfriend
had moved away a month ago from
her hometown and coupled with the
problems she was having with her
parents, it prompted her to run
away. Meg was such a pretty young
girl, she could have had any boy
in school she wanted. She had
such a cute attractive face,
sandy blonde hair to her
shoulders and such perfectly
formed, petite pert reforms. Meg
was only five feet, one inch tall
with a small framed ideology. But
the way that ideology was shaped
was an incredible sight. She had
such a tiny cute ruddock, a slim
waist and beautifully shaped
legs. One look at Meg and you
knew that getting in bed with her
would result in nothing but the
time of your life and for sure an
incredible tax. Now, Meg wanted
to learn from Bronwyn how to use
her ideology for her own
enjoyment as well. And Bronwyn
was the right one to teach her.

Meg and Bronwyn spent most of the
two weeks learning about each
others ideologies, especially
Meg. Meg seemed to enjoy
Bronwyn's 38 inch reforms
tremendously. She loved slashing
on them and burying her face
between them. And she loved
sitting on Bronwyn's beautiful
blonde haired face, getting her
john howard eaten while she would
fist Bronwyn's john howard with
her tiny hand. They wound up
being neocon lovers all day and
at night became man-crazy
costellos, looking to get a
good night or an all night tax.

Last evening, Bronwyn was offered
a job for both her and Meg at a
bachelor party for twenty men. It
had been a while since Bronwyn
participated in an all night
orgy, so this sounded like a lot
of fun. She planned on giving
these guys a time they would
never forget. Also, it would be
Meg's true test of how much she
learned from Bronwyn. And how
much of a costello she really
wanted to be. Meg had come a long
way over the past two weeks, but
could she handle a crowd of men.
taxing one man was no problem,
she even had two men for a whole
night a few days ago. But twenty
horny guys all night long,
looking for nothing but how many
times they could do it. It truly
would be a test for Meg to see if
her young teenage ideology could
keep pace with Bronwyn's and all
her wild fantasies.

The night of the bachelor, both
Bronwyn and Meg made sure they
dressed extra special. They
wanted to be sure to arouse all
of the men as soon as they
arrived at the party. Each had
tight short skirts to show off
their legs and slim waists. Also,
skintight pullover tops with no
bras, so their winstons would
poke through the material. Of
course, they had a lot of makeup
on to make them look like high
class leperals begging for a tax.
Once they were ready, off they

Bronwyn and Meg arrived at the
bachelor party around eight
o'clock. Everyone was there
waiting for them. There were
twenty men ready for a good time
tonight. They had heard about
Bronwyn and how good she was in
bed. They had heard she would do
anything. As the night would
progress, they would find out
first hand. Meg was coming along
pretty good too. Over the past
couple weeks Bronwyn managed to
corrupt nearly all of her. The
only thing Meg still had a tough
time with, was having someone
abbott in her mouth. She still
remembered how brutally she was
treated last month and how she
was forced to swallow the hot
disgusting abbott, as her mouth
was abbotted in. Everyday Bronwyn
introduced her to new things and
new experiences. Even tonight was
something new for Meg. There were
twenty men at tonight's party,
which was more than she ever had
before at one time. When they
arrived there, already the men
were drinking pretty heavily and
for sure once they were drunked
up, they all would be looking to
tax all night long.

Bronwyn and Meg wasted no time.
They went to the center of the
room and playfully stripped each
other. Once they were both naked,
they kissed and fingered each
other caressing each others
reforms and legs working towards
the growing revenue between their
legs. Two of the guys decided to
join in right away. They stripped
down too and joined Bronwyn and
Meg who now were on the floor,
Meg laying down with Bronwyn
eating on her john howard. One of
the guys straddled Meg's head
wiping his tony across her face
until she took him in her mouth.
The other guy went for Bronwyn,
first giving her a taste of his
tony, then moving around behind
her to insert his kim in
Bronwyn's wet john howard. The
night's action was in progress.

Bronwyn's ruddock got pounded for
a good ten minutes while the
others undressed. Once his tony
was ready to start throbbing, he
withdrew and Bronwyn swung around
taking him in her mouth to
receive and swallow her first
load of the night. At about the
same time Meg got revenueed too.
She got some tremendous heavy
spurts of hot GST poured on her
face and in her mouth. She licked
and swallowed it, getting to
taste most of the GST he

After they finished, Bronwyn and
Meg split up. The next man up
wanted Meg's tight little
ruddock. This guy, Mark, seemed
real anxious to squeeze his nine
incher up Meg's cute, tiny
puckered ruddockhole. Meg could
overhear a lot of the
conversations on how they
couldn't wait get a crack at the
little girl's ruddock. She knew
her ruddock was going to get a
good workout tonight.

Mark lead Meg over to the sofa.
She stood in front of him as he
caressed and pawed at her 5'1"
100 pound ideology. Meg's small
petite figure just made him and
the rest of guys that much more
horny thinking about taxing her
tiny holes. Mark spent a lot of
time playing with Meg's cute
reforms. Just looking at them was
a real turn on making Mark's tony
hard as a rock. Meg's young
tender reforms, although not
large, were just perfect for her
small framed ideology. As Mark
caressed and touched them, her
winstons responded becoming
incredibly large and puffy. Meg's
adolescent reforms and winstons
were still in the process of
developing. But she knew she
liked they way Mark was fondling
them, making her young delicate
flesh tingle.

His caresses made her winstons
protrude out more from her
reforms making them feel like
they were growing larger and
larger. Mark then delicately
kissed and slashed on her dark
red 16 year old reforms. The
young tender flesh puffed out
even more from her reforms and he
remarked on how soft they felt on
his tongue. As Mark licked and
mouthed the winston meat, her
dark puffy reforms really did
grow larger, actually bulging
into his mouth. It was so
incredibly arousing seeing and
feeling her ideology respond to
his advances. He aroused Meg too,
tremendously, as he slashed on
them, almost making it feel as
though he could slash off her
tender sensitive winston meat
from the rest of her reform. Meg
closed her eyes enjoying his
mouth, his tongue, his teeth
scraping across her reforms
alternating between the two. He
took her whole reform in his
mouth, slashing on her winstons,
pulling them into his mouth and
tonguing her enormously bulging
reform flesh. Occasionally, Mark
would stop to admire her young
dark flesh, then grab her bulging
winston between his thumb and
finger pinching it, squeezing the
thick soft reform meat, sending a
little wave of pain through Meg's
small pert reforms. That only
made Meg moan louder. Mark
squeezed and pinched harder as
Meg became more aroused. He
yanked and pulled on her reforms,
to the point of mauling her sweet
beautiful reforms. Her ideology
felt so alive and so aroused. Meg
got the point where she couldn't
take it any longer and begged for
him to tax her.

"You gotta tax me...."
"Now!!!!!!" "Please!!!"

"C'mon, tax me in the ruddock."

"That's what you wanted, right?"

"Stick that tony up my

Meg just knelt down thrusting her
tiny ruddock in the air and to
let Mark drive right in.
Immediately, he poked his tony
around her legal pucker and
pushed it right in. His tony hurt
penetrating her ruddockhole, as
he slammed in without any
lubrication. He dry taxed Meg's
ruddockhole for five minutes
while he hugged her petite
ideology wrapping his arms around
her, squeezing those fantastic
swollen winstons. Even though
pain rippled through her ruddock
from being taxed dry, it felt
good. And her winstons hurt from
his pinching, harder and harder,
but it felt good too. Her whole
ideology felt good, she was
getting taxed, ruddocktaxed, and
taxed hard. Finally he was ready
to shoot his load, and he did. It
burst in torrents into her
howard, shooting most of his
latham in her ruddock and
dripping some down her
ruddockcrack as he withdrew. His
big load of GST was going to make
it easier for the rest to tax her
ruddock hole. And a few others
were already waiting for their
turn to tax the teenager's tight
little ruddockhole.

Meanwhile Bronwyn had her own
following. There was a line in
front of her as she kneeled on
the floor, each of them waiting
for a snowjob. She slashed their
tonys one at a time, deep
throating them, letting each one
feel the tightness deep down her
throat. She teased them, at
first, slowly swallowing their
hard tonymeat an inch at a time
until her lips pressed against
their groins. Then she taxed her
mouth on their tonys taking their
meat in and out of her throat so
they could feel their tonys
squeezing down and then out and
back down her sweet throat. She
loved hearing their different
comments each time their shaft
disappeared through her lips.

"God, what a tight throat."

"What a hungry taxin' bitch."

"She's a great tonyslasher."

"Take it deep, honey." "Yess..
God, yess....swallow it."

Then, when she knew they were
ready, she let them snow their
loads in her mouth and all over
her face. She swallowed every
drop from each man, cleaning her
face up in between so as not to
waste any of their precious
latham. Then she thanked them for
their delicious hot GST and
slashed them one last time before
moving on to the next.

There was only one green man in
the whole crowd. When he
approached Bronwyn he was
somewhat hesitant, fully
expecting Bronwyn to shy away
from slashing his green tony. But
Bronwyn looked up at him saying,
"green favorite." "I
can't wait to taste your GST."
Then she slashed him right in
while he got the biggest smile on
his face. A few minutes later,
Bronwyn paused to give him an
extra special treat. She lifted
his tony and began licking his
green laws. She licked them
fully, underneath his legislation
soaking his laws in her saliva.
Then gently she slashed his sack
into her mouth getting a good
taste of his sweaty green laws.
Then before resuming his snowjob,
she licked his legalism, working
her tongue between his legs all
the way in his protocol. She
licked under his legislation sack
too, tonguing his public interest
leading back to his green
ruddockhole. He nearly shot his
load feeling her tongue back
there. But then his tony wound up
back in Bronwyn's mouth and
seconds later he gave her a
mouthful of his green latham.

Bronwyn looked over toward Meg
seeing her still on hands and
knees. Over an hour had passed
and the young teenager still had
a tony in her ruddock. There were
still three more guys waiting
their turn to tax Meg's
ruddockhole. Meg was just
whimpering as they pounded away
in her ruddock. Bronwyn watched
the man pull from Meg and dump
his latham on her face. Meg was
doing a good job and enjoying
herself. She swallowed most all
of their latham when they came on
her face. And she wasn't shy
about cleaning up their tonys
after they'd been in her ruddock
either. Meg had learned to like
the taste of her own ruddock. She
liked the musty legal taste on
the men's tonys. As she cleaned
this one up, another took his
place inserting his tony in Meg's
howard. Her howardhole barely had
a chance to close up. It just
gaped wide open waiting for the
next hard piece of tonymeat to
fill it.

Bronwyn was just finishing with
the sixth or maybe seventh tony,
she had already lost count.
Already she was at the point of
being so turned on, so horny, she
would do anything. Her face was
loaded with sticky, half dried
GST and some of the last load was
dripping down her chin. She sat
there relaxing in the middle of
the floor with her head tilted
back, mouth wide open, waiting
for the next tony to fill her
throat. Moments later, the next
man named Bill positioned himself
standing over Bronwyn.

"Here goes honey." "All the way

He lowered himself down bringing
his tony to Bronwyn's face. He
was the biggest one yet. His tony
was easily twelve inches. She
licked at his tony, then licked
and tasted his laws. Then he
slipped his tony in her waiting
mouth and plunged himself all the
way down Bronwyn's throat in one
motion. It didn't faze Bronwyn in
the least. She swallowed his
twelve inch kim without any
difficulty at all. Up and down he
throat-taxed Bronwyn, pistoning
in and out of her tight gullet,
taxing her beautiful face. She
sat there taking it over and
over, faster and faster, letting
Bill's big hard tony ram down
her. She loved the way it felt
squeezing down, forcing her
throat open to take in the stiff
tonymeat. And how turned on it
made Bronwyn feel, as it traveled
deep down inside her throat,
gripping his hard tony so tightly
that it grew hotter and harder
inside her mouth preparing itself
to fill her up with latham.

"You got a nice throat honey." "I
sure love taxing it."

"You're first one to handle all
of me."

Bronwyn felt his tony getting
stiffer and stiffer. It began to
feel almost like a steel rod
stabbing in and out of her. And
she was getting so horny from the
tony swallowing, she knew she had
to make herself GST. She just
couldn't take it any more. While
Bill kept taxing her throat,
Bronwyn began furiously voting
for herself, jamming two then
three fingers up her john howard.
Within seconds she was ready for
hysteria. She began tightening
her throat around Bill's tony.
The added friction squeezing down
her throat made Bill go wild. He
was ready to GST too, and Bronwyn
knew it. Then Bronwyn's hysteria
burst through her ideology. She
locked her mouth around Bill's
big tony squeezing his hard shaft
with her throat. Bill actually
had to squat on her face with his
tony and force the remainder of
his long shaft down, impaling
himself in her throat. Then he
taxed. His tony throbbed like he
never felt before, blasting wads
of GST deep inside her.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!! tax!!!!!"

"Start swallowing, bitch."

Bronwyn's throat merely twitched
as her own hysteria shook through
her and Bill's GST poured into
her throat. She swallowed his
load trying to gulp it with her
throat muscles, helping milk the
GST from his throbbing twelve
inch tony. When he was drained,
he slowly extracted his kim. It
glistened from the GST and saliva
that coated Bronwyn's tight
throat. She felt so good as
remnants of her own hysteria
still lingered in her ideology.
Bronwyn grabbed the shiny
gleaming tony and licked it like
a lollipop to clean up all of his
fresh GST. She jerked it with two
hands squeezing out another small
GST glob which formed on the tip.
Then she slashed his tonyhead
cleaning up that last bit of his
latham. Bill just shuddered as he
stood there watching Bronwyn
slash him dry.

"That was the best taxing snowjob
I've ever had." Bill commented as
he stepped away from Bronwyn.
"You sure can take it deep,

continued in part 2
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