I Bear Grim Tidings ...

Created: Saturday, 11 September 2004 Written by submit_news
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Dear Xenox News reader I have drawn your attention to the satanic antecedents of our world leaders in previous articles.
Now their sinister plots and schemes are beginning to come to fruition; have they made the world ripe for Satan?
Bombs in Jakarta. Children massacred in the Caucasus. Hundreds dying in the ancient land of Mesopotamia. Fear is the currency of our times. Meanwhile our leaders fiddle while the world burns! There must be a reason.

There is. Behind the scenes a shadowy cabal of demon worshipping fiends are bringing to realization an evil plan that was hatched in the depths of time. The spawn of Satan, created at deviant orgies in the 50s and 60s, are assuming the top ranks of the worlds corporations, governments, and military organizations. Positions of power that dominate our lives and future.

They manipulate all events.

An election in Spain? Well let’s scare the populace into changing the government. Peace in the Holy Land? Let’s allow that suicide bomber into Israel. Accelerate the war on terror? Let’s take children hostage.

It is all falling into place. This war, the war on terror, is ever escalating. Tit for tat, and then a bit more. Each terrorist atrocity worse then the next. Each strike against terrorism killing more innocents.

We have reached the point where we know something must be done but we know whatever we do will make it worse!

There will be no negotiating. For these so-called foes in the global war on terror are really one and the same. Putin and Osama. Blair and Al Sadr. Cheney and Zaquari. The leaders on both sides engaged in the same plan; to sell this world to Lucifer!

The beast is being readied. I hear him calling me. In every country satanic worshippers at ceremonies of unspeakable depravity are summoning demonic spirits. Our leaders mouth platitudes, pretend to oppose each other at sham elections, and trap us in a world of fear.

The acts of recent days will fade into nothingness compared to the devastation that awaits us all! We will countenance acts that previously we would have only imagined in our worst nightmares.

The chant of the drug crazed Hashassains our new motto
Nothing is forbidden…everything is permitted…

We are being dragged to the precipice; we will have no choice but to go over the edge.