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It was the Russian writer Gogol who first told of the 19th century practice of the selling of the souls of Russian peasants by their Noble masters. This was just one of the many sinister practices of Satanic ritual that dominated the spiritual life of Romanov Russia. And it was from this era that the Russia’s present day leader draws his heritage…


The St Petersburg of Tsar Nicholas’ rule was a hotbed of crazy cults and dodgy messianic Monks. In the salons along the Alexander Nevsky Boulevard, where the cream of Russian society mingled, wanton hedonistic rituals were conducted that allowed Luciferic spirits to flourish. The babbling Madame Blatavasky would hold court here and in her séances spew ectoplasm from all her orifices much to the delight of her depraved audience of Counts, Countesses, and Generals. Into this madhouse came a true messenger of Satan, a giant of a man, whose eyes held a special evil power that could control the wills of his weak followers. His name?



Rasputin came from a long line of Siberian Shaman who had worshipped Beelzebub over many centuries. On his birth it was foretold that he would father a dynasty that would someday rule the world for his cloven hoofed master. And it was with this purpose that Rasputin headed to St Petersburg, to ingratiate himself into the Russian Royal Family and use them as breeding stock for his Satanic offspring.

It has been told by many others how Rasputin controlled the Tsarina but little has been said about the deviant sexual orgies he held with the daughters of the Russian Queen. They were of such a vile nature you can be sure that depictions would be only found on the most obscene websites if they happened today! And it was at one of these depraved events that Princess Anastasia, then only a pubescent girl, was impregnated by Rasputin as he called down the Luciferic spirits of Ashkanazi and Cthulu. Following this vile event a small group of pious Russian Nobleman swore to kill the abomination that was Rasputin. And after a superhuman effort they managed to do it. As for Anastasia, it was supposed that she and her child were lost to legend. But suffice to say she was not killed by the barbarous Bolsheviks like the rest of her family. In fact she was secreted out of revolutionary St Petersburg to a Siberian village by relatives of Rasputin where she gave birth to her hideous offspring. And over the 70 year rule of the Communists this blood line of evil was hidden from view of the rest of the world.

Now we turn to the present day. The downfall of Soviet rule has freed the Russian people. They can worship in peace. However the Luciferic spirits that previously dominated this blighted land are stirring again. And it is in new leader Vladimir Putin that they have placed their faith. Archives secretly retrieved from the KGB by XenoxNews reveal that the true parents of Vladimir Putin were a cross-eyed peasant girl and a Siberian “Monk” who it is believed came from the Rasputin bloodline. Vladimir led an uneventful childhood but at the start of his adult life he was able to join the KGB thanks to a secret cabal of Satan worshippers that operated this organization. His rise up the KGB ladder was swift, but the fall of Soviet regime and closure of the Soviet spy agency stopped him for a while. However it wasn’t long before he was back in the corridors of power. A short stint with the drunkard Boris Yeltsin enabled him to get his hands on the levers of power and now, since becoming Russia's leader, his dictatorial character is becoming more apparent.

So we now have this spawn of Satan in control of thousands of nuclear weapons, lording over the sole remaining reserves of oil, and cavorting with the nominal leader of the free world President Bush! What does that tell you about the secret circles of world power?

It is clear that the way is being prepared for Satan himself to come down and reign over us.

What shall we do then!

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