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Created: Thursday, 06 September 2007 Written by Herr Fucknuckle

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Another APEC conference. Another lonely hotel room...
That is the sad and sorry tale of our world leaders. Ensconced in their bubble of security these guys are flesh and blood like the rest of us.

They shit, they eat, they want to fuck.

So who do these world tyros want to fuck? To me that is the more interesting question...

China Prez Hu Jintao
likes to bang a whore or two.
But not blessed with an enormous prick,
he prefers to make little girls sick...

Russia’s Vlad Putin.
Well, he is always puttin' it in...
It is thick and sick like a giant roll mop,
And when he comes it makes a gigantic plop!

George Dubya has left his wife at home,
That means down the streets of ol’ Kings Cross he’ll roam.
With his sexy Texas drawl ,
and Houston cowboy crawl,
You can bet all day and night he will be banging glory holes.

New Zealand PM Helen Clark.
We all know she is a man in drag.
But that doesn’t mean she’ll bang any old dag.
They have to be suited up,
In leather and lace.
And then this proud Kiwi will give them a taste.

Malyasian leader Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a mouthful.
And so he is to the lucky ladies who get to sample his circumcised wares…

These wacky APEC guys have got the silliest names.
What about Indonesia’s Susilo Bambang YUDHOYONO?
Keep it simple he says to the Sydney hookers:
“To you my friends I am SBY.
But if you leave me with a STD,
Then you will cop it in your rear end!”

So spare a thought for our APEC leaders as they pound away in Sydney at this years meeting. After all they are only human too. All too human.

No whores for the staff of these leaders. They have to make do with themselves.