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It's no good - can't fix him.

Created: Saturday, 03 November 2007 Written by DOCTOR_BENWAY
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I tried - I really did! That's the last time I will try to
re-animate the bio-mechanoid PM.
In the end I was infusing formalin,
although I knew it would not help,
(didn't tell the Libs that fact)

He's stuffed, really stuffed.
Even the implanted baby brain tissue
started to rot the moment it touched
the John's putrid old flesh. This is
no "terminator" we have built, he is
as mad and feeble as he looks.
Don't believe the science fiction stuff
about bionic men being super-strong.

How can I get those stingy tightwad
Liberals to pay me before they find
the John rotten in its bed a week
before the election is on?

Oh well, just another day's work,
another pile of discarded human flesh.