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wHAyt is go0-ud?

Created: Sunday, 25 September 2005 Written by Green Haired Jim
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All that makes you feel stronger.
Stronger. Longer. Harder.

And makes her softer...wetter...


"We cast off from the Bermuda shores looking for gold, tobaccy and indian pussy.

"The Cap'n was often on the bridge brandishing his old fella at the crew:
'Lads I want some group action today...I want the Old Chap standing like a periscope and spurting like a whale!'"

Night time we sailed into a delightful Island cove...gentle tropical breezes blew softly on our naked pirate boy bodies...the stars glittered on the overhead sky; the moon winked an eye and next to me Green Haired Jim's ass emitted a sweet musk smell...

What is Good?

All that makes you stronger.

And that makes you feel it wetter. softer.

"I awoke to the waves lapping the shore...and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The lads were well organised, we had a marvellous breakfast of coconut, fish, and sweet musk oil. "

The Cap'n told us if we took one more ship we could go to Jamaica and fuck our selves silly with the cunts in WhoreTown.

She was tall and black and lying back on the bed...she split her legs and I copped an eyeful. My head spun; the last time I'd seen something like that was when they dragged me out of my mothers cunt. The room grew dark and she said 'You pay me you fuck me'.

I didnt feel strong. I felt weak. My ass was bleeding and my scrotum had been rubbed red raw and all that my bleeding gums wanted was some coca leaves.

What is good?

The Pirate life.