Sunday, 09 October 2005 By Flim Flam Man
The guitar of Jonthan Richman on Sleepwalk.
Please make that my swan song as the casket goes into the fire... I like the clink of full 800ml bottles of Melbourne Bitter as I take them from the car into my house. Especially on dark cold nights in Melbourne.

That squishy noise as your pecker goes into the one you love.

Itchy-scratchy noise as I plug in the strat copy and proceed to belt out a tune or two.

The phone ringing when some drunken friend calls.

That Muslim prick calling the faithful to prayer, when I'm hungover in Cairo, and the baker's boy climbs out of my bed.

The sound of the pain that goes on and on; was never any escape, you're a fool to think you could.

The death rattle. Yours and mine.

Ian Curtis singing in Ceremony: "All she asks is the strength to hold me..."

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