Good Ol' Melbum Days

Sunday, 02 December 2007 By FlimFlamMan

Remember when it used to rain here?

Seems so long ago...

And when getting a beer on a Sunday was an adventure? Me and Frugal walked for an hour for the right to buy the first legal Sunday beer in Melbum.

Now you can drink any time, any day. We're world famous for having bars in lanes! Our graffiti stacks up against the best art the world has to offer. They come from all over the globe to see.

I used to do art on the walls. "American heads will roll in Texas"

How about that timeless StKilda wall art: "God Sucks"

Or that classic in glue:
"Lady Di Gives Head"

That one stood the test of time.

I've been pissed all over this fucking town. Puked in Dandy. Pissed in Prahawn. Smacked out in Sunshine.

I don't have a problem the way it is now. Just sayin', thats all.

I tells ya all your fucking arty farty Melbum pubs now dont stack up to the fucking urinal at the Seaview Saloon Bar! Now that was a bar; walk down the stairs, dark even in the summer sun. Sitting at the table and watching the show. Fat abo chicks trying to get you home for the night. A punch on was guaranteed.

Pubs that you could piss in.

OK. Had my say. Maybe time to leave ol' Melbum town for somewhere new.

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