Petraeus Scandal: Did Obama allow Hezbollah harlots to have a hotline to Whitehouse?

Thursday, 15 November 2012 By Patriot

It seems President Obama has been hiding things...

The Petraeus /Benghazi scandal is about to be blown wide open. According to my trusted sources in Beirut, the Lebanese twin Kelley sisters who are at the centre of this scandal are actually Hezbollah agents planted in the US many years ago as a sleeper cell. It now appears that this sleazy duo may have seduced their way into the heart of American Military power; and they did this all under newly re-elected President Obama’s watch!



The Commander In Chief - 'busy' in the Whitehouse.


This is probably the biggest scandal to hit an American Presidency. Obama; dozing off in the oval office, has allowed the very heart of American power to be infiltrated by some Beirut floozies.


At the very least Obama should confess to what he knew and when he knew it. America and the free world’s safety is at stake, and now with Israel under mortal threat from the terrorists in Gaza and the Syrian tinderbox about to explode he must show some backbone against terrorism and root out the Islamofascists and sympathizers in his administration.



Is this what Obama has allowed? Hezbollah operative receiving texts from the Kelly twins…


Perhaps he can start with himself and resign immediately for dereliction of duty.


I’ll have more on this scandal in the coming days.


God bless,


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