That Damn Squeaky Albo is now our PM

Wednesday, 01 June 2022 By Canberra Desk

"The human brain can infer one’s own and other individuals’ mental states through metacognition and mentalizing, respectively. A new study in PLOS Biology has implicated distinct brain regions of the medial prefrontal cortex (PFC) in metacognition and mentalizing..."

alien life on Europa

Australia has awoken from a deep slumber of intolerance and divisiveness to a new leader. A fresh Man at the Helm, after so many bitter years with the rotten heart of Cronulla in charge.


No more Christ-Worshipping, tongue-wagging moron in charge! Halle-fucking-luya!


We now have PM Squeaky Elbow. Can he make a difference? Can he lead us to the new Jerusalem?

Can he manipulate our medial prefrontal cortexes so we follow him and his fellow Laborites on the long march to health, the horn, and happiness?

big asahi

We hope so. For, Lo! There are more trials and tribulations ahead...

Always one more River to Cross! And with a PM Squeaky Albo at our head surely we can get in the dinghy together and paddle ourselves to the other side.

 school teacher

I may be a reporter but you know I only report the truth, and with the PM Squeaky Albo I reckon we have reached our nirvana. He is as good as it gets.

billy mcmahon 1


To tell the truth... Things are so bad. I think PM Squeaky Albo will be the last of them. Can only have blind faith that he can lead us out of this hell.


 clockwork drive


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