Created: Monday, 23 May 2005 Written by Staff Reporter
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Just off the wire. President Bush speaks to XenoxNews:

“My fellow Americans I stand before you today to announce that on the long road to victory in the war on terror another blow for freedom has been struck. Today we send a message of fear to the tyrants of terror, and we send a message of hope to the people under the tyranny of terror. America and her allies have always stood on the side of right and good against the forces of evil and bad and with our actions today we demonstrate this for all to see. “Saddam in underpants is a striking symbol of democracy and freedom. To the people of Iraq I say enjoy this view of your previous dictator. I am your new Emir of Baghdad. We have more pictures of the former Butcher of Baghdad that can be made available. Each is a special blow against the evil of terrorism. We liberated your land so you can see your old leaders paraded as the fools they are.

“My fellow citizens as I wander the globe I wonder. How many more villans do we have to kill before freedom reigns again? How many more notes will I have to pass under the desk? Who will make the cookies?

(Stolen from bradblog.com)

“Finally I say to my great friend and ally, Australia’s 70 year old PM John Howard. Stay long and strong John. Forget that pissant treasurer of yours. Never give up the post.

“God bless.”

President George W. Bush