Created: Tuesday, 20 December 2005 Written by Chato
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The rich and powerful really
do care for each other.
JOHN: Errr, Alan.
ALAN: Yes John, what is it?
JOHN: You don't love me do you?
ALAN: Don't be ridiculous.
JOHN: You think I'm ugly and
very stupid. You have been
visiting public urinals
and seeing strange men.
ALAN: We ARE strange men John.
JOHN: You know what I mean.
ALAN: Ok, what about Kim?
JOHN: What do you mean?
ALAN: I've seen both of you.
JOHN: Kim means nothing to me.
ALAN: He is very cosy with you.
JOHN: We are on the same team
that's all.
ALAN: You want me to dominate you
don't you John.
JOHN: Yes Alan.
ALAN: Well, I won't.
JOHN: Please, I'm begging you.
JOHN: Waaaaaaaahhhhhh!
ALAN: Jesus Christ! I've done it
now. Here, let me dry your
tears dearest. You do have
a very tiny dick John.
JOHN: Yeah, but yours is so soft.
ALAN: I want you down on the
floor - now! You are the
victim of coalition welfare
policy and I am Centrelink.
JOHN: Will you dump a bucket of
shit on me like last time?