Created: Monday, 25 September 2006 Written by Chato
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Little Johnny leads the way in the
NSW bushfire crisis.

So self-effacing is the plucky little Oz PM that
he did not want the media spreading this story,
so this is a confidential report.

In the dreadful Picton NSW fires on Sunday, was
the PM, in thin disguise as a real human being,
fighting the flames with his own bare hands.
Not only was brave John there, but also senior
Centrelink staff were risking their very lives.

Asking our reporter to keep this under his hat,
John explained all the self-sacrifice:-

"When I heard that some disabled people who were
trying to live on the miserable government handout,
and having their buying power eroded by the GST
on Howardland inflation, also had to face the
threat of fire, you could just not stop me from
rushing to help them."

With tears in his rheumy old eyes, the fragile
geriatric Oz PM pointed to the Centrelink officers.

"These brave and tireless servants of the less
fortunate strongly insisted upon lending a hand.
They said that on the principle of Mutual Obligation
those who have only ever taken from the poor, should
give something back!
I have been considering donating my considerable
superannuation and generous allowances to Oz welfare
recipients, who have been punished unfairly
by unidentified people in high office."