Important political update for losers!

Friday, 04 January 2008 By Chato
Anyone who backed crazy old John and
smirking Petey, is a loser by definition.

I know, facts are hard to face, particularly when you
are one of non-core John's parasite class, accustomed
to middle-class welfare handouts from John.

It must look bleak from there - having to earn an honest
living, turning up at Centrelink as just an ordinary
dole-bludger, having to find someone to rip-off so you
can pay your child-pornography supplier, pretending that
you didn't vote for John.

Not for me. I didn't back the losers.
If I said I'm sorry, that would be non-core,
so I won't say that.

BTW, don't you just love how the Rodent said he
accepted "full responsibility" and then toddled
off to play golf?

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