Wednesday, 13 July 2011 By Lovely Lulu the Latin Librarian

According to the Urban Dictionary the word "fithing" means:

"To piss in one woman's womb and to regain the urine with use of a straw. The urine is then sperted over said woman."

'Useage: Adam Davis gave me a good fithing last night, it was lush'

This definition is another example of the degraded mess that Urban Dictionary is!

I am absolutely fine with websites trying fresh, interesting and innovative approaches, but I will definitely not tolerate ambiguity of this nature!

Some clarification is required here: "To piss in one woman's womb".

How the fuck do they think they can get away with publishing such indecent ambiguity?

By stating "one woman" instead of "a woman" are they suggesting that there are other women present? If yes, what is the role of the other women? Are they meant to be holding the straw? Is their presence required for the action to be correctly defined as fithing? What if no other women are present; does this constitute fithing? Is fithing an act that can only be performed by lesbians? A girl on girl only activity? Then why Adam? Is Adam a hermaphrodite with a proclivity for shoving beads up his partner's arsehole and then retrieving them with his teeth?

One can only wonder about the degenerate editors at Urban Dictionary after publishing an ambiguous definition like this. Absolutely disgusting.

P.S. Does anyone have a spare straw?



Fithing not fly-fishing you fuckwit!

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