Created: Friday, 06 July 2007 Written by Padre Pio
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Filled with poindexters and bean counters. A mystery to most of us; the World of Science.

Filled with Mathematicians and frauds.

The lies of science keep growing; as does the ego of these nerds.
Now they demand worship and obedience.
“Bow down Ignorant one; my forehead is swelling with brainpower.”

Well fuck ‘em. Since when has one of their ‘doom&gloom’ predictions ever come true?

Fucking never.

I’ve worked with them; let me tell you the Secrets of the Scientists:

1. Like you and me they hate their peers with a heartfelt intensity.
2. They are unlikely to ever get a root outside of their own area of study. For instance a biologist would never fuck a physicist or a non-scientist. So they have created an in-breed line where they inter-marry. Their children go into the same field of study as their parents and their minds are just as mangled.
3. The bar of proof has been lowered ever since Jenner stuck the milk maid with a pin of cowpox; in fact it is easier to be published now in a Journal of Science than it has ever been.
4. They are the sole remaining group left in society spoon fed by Government and our taxes. This makes them instinctively anti-capitalist.
5. They never wash yet think that their shit don’t stink.
6. They are certain that their opinions, on any matter, are more informed than the rest of the populace. “Ignorant swine” is what they call the rest of us in their laboratories.

The years of in-breeding have refined the modern scientist to an arrogant, ill-informed, bag of hot air. All too willing to pontificate on all matters, the nonsense they spout is lapped up by a subservient fourth estate as pearls of wisdom.

The men proud and boastful. The woman cold and aloof. I hold the Scientist of today in contempt.

J’accuse you scientist as being a right royal arsehole.

Padre Pio