Created: Thursday, 28 April 2005 Written by Chato
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Aussie P.M. hits back at
his critics. "They laughed at Hitler, they
laughed at Pol Pot, and now they
laugh at me! but I will have the
last laugh!"
yelled the elderly Prime Moron as
he revved up his adoring
war-worshipping dullards.

"There are those who say that
many young Aussies were
slaughtered needlessly fighting
the Turks for the British
Empire, or fighting the
Vietnamese for corporate
America, but I say there has
always been a surplus of
energetic young men who may
cause trouble for the patrician
classes in future, and what
better way to build a proud
national myth than to grind-up
all our surplus youth in some
kind of war?"
"We should always look to the
positive benefits."

Bravely fighting back the spasms
of advanced dementia, and
showing the froth of extreme
mania on his lower lip, the
dangerous little lunatic
shrieked on -

"At this time, Australia has a
surplus of restless young people
who might be more than happy to
die for the Howardland, and I
would be happy to compel them to
volunteer their lives!"
"They should be proud to give up
their liberty for freedom!"

"I would be proud to sacrifice
my own life, but I am too
valuable, and it would cause a
crisis for the wine industry!"

Gathering his senile wits as the
crowd of insectoidal idiots
wildly cheered him on, he
summed-up his relaxed and
comforting philosophy -
"I do not suscribe to the black
armband theory myself, and even
though I like to wear a snazzy
armband with a cute crooked
cross in private, I don't see
why we should worry about lost
and damaged Aussie lives when we
can get any number of desperate
and cheap bodies from third
world countries to replace
"We are Christians, and we all
want a profit world."