Amazing Find! Magnets Of Ancient Judea!

Created: Saturday, 18 March 2017 Written by Bored Science Desk
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Wow. The boffins have been at it again. Just check this out:

"Six centuries of geomagnetic intensity variations recorded by royal Judean stamped jar handles"



Understanding the geomagnetic field behavior in the past, and, in particular, its intensity component, has implications for various (and disparate) fields of research, including the physics of Earth’s interior, atmospheric and cosmologic sciences, biology, and archaeology. This study provides substantial data on variations in geomagnetic field intensity during the eighth to second centuries BCE Levant, thus significantly improving the existing record for this region. In addition, the study provides further evidence of extremely strong field in the late eighth century BCE (“geomagnetic spike”), and of rapid rates of change (>20% over three decades). The improved Levantine record is an important basis for geophysical models (core−mantle interactions, cosmogenic processes, and more) as well as a reference for archaeomagnetic dating.


Earth’s magnetic field, one of the most enigmatic physical phenomena of the planet, is constantly changing on various time scales, from decades to millennia and longer. The reconstruction of geomagnetic field behavior in periods predating direct observations with modern instrumentation is based on geological and archaeological materials and has the twin challenges of (i) the accuracy of ancient paleomagnetic estimates and (ii) the dating of the archaeological material. Here we address the latter by using a set of storage jar handles (fired clay) stamped by royal seals as part of the ancient administrative system in Judah (Jerusalem and its vicinity). The typology of the stamp impressions, which corresponds to changes in the political entities ruling this area, provides excellent age constraints for the firing event of these artifacts. Together with rigorous paleomagnetic experimental procedures, this study yielded an unparalleled record of the geomagnetic field intensity during the eighth to second centuries BCE. The new record constitutes a substantial advance in our knowledge of past geomagnetic field variations in the southern Levant. Although it demonstrates a relatively stable and gradually declining field during the sixth to second centuries BCE, the new record provides further support for a short interval of extreme high values during the late eighth century BCE. The rate of change during this “geomagnetic spike” [defined as virtual axial dipole moment > 160 ZAm2 (1021 Am2)] is further constrained by the new data, which indicate an extremely rapid weakening of the field (losing ∼27% of its strength over ca. 30 y).

Authors: Erez Ben-YosefMichael MillmanRon ShaarcLisa Tauxed, and Oded Lipschits


Hmmm... Fascinating. Do you think it had any effect on masturbation? Were there many more left hand wankers at the birth of Christ… Due to magnetic anomalies?

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US Minister of Science gives the thumbs up to latest Israeli research.

Scientists. You know they are the new Priests of our Civilization. Aren’t they just dandy, with their white smocks and unkempt hair. Erez, Michael, Ron &Lisa, plus old man Oded. Working hard in the lab for us


Yep, they have been at it again. With another in depth study on something we really need to know about…


Magnetic fluxes in Ancient Judea.


That’s right. They just spent god knows how much money, probably millions, doing microscopic measurements on old jars dug up around Jerusalem. All to find out if the compass back then would point directly North, or 0.0001% away from directly North.

Well thank you Poindexters! I know I couldn’t have lived without that knowledge.

Jesus fucking Christ… You know, the rest of us are struggling to get by while Professor Dimbulb gets a few million to wonder about whether the Jews had troubles with their directions back in the dim dark old days. For fucks sake! As if Mr Cohen in Jerusalem circa 200BC even knew what a fucking compass was!

Look you clowns, if you want to live your life off the taxpayers teat, you better start given us something useful in return.


A cure for the common cold.

Cure for cancer.

Long life.

Ability to have sex all day and night long.


Not some dumbarse high school project about a subject no one cares about.

As a hardworking tax payer I like my scientist, who I am paying for, to look for things I am interested in for a change.

Is that too much to fucking ask?


Why can’t they be like Prof Williams? He knows what we want!

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Picture is not Prof Williams, but his last boss.

So listen up you ivory Tower academic numbnuts! Start giving Joe Taxpayer the science he wants, or soon enough you will find yourself out on your arse and looking for a job like the rest of us.


Bored Science Desk.