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Xmas Frolic

Created: Saturday, 12 January 2002 Written by Correspondent
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My Xmas frolic
It ended on Dec27
In me neighbours backyard
With my personal compass pointing skyward.
Too Much Personal Use!
And the marks on me hands
“You had a fell voice..and in its wind the wolves howled..”
“Slave to it all..” And alone I stepped off the plate
And climbed da fence
Till me head
It safely rest
In ya lap
And I seen in your eyes of blue
Everything I wanted to screw..
Honey I love you..
As long as I can raise the mast..get on the ship..I’m sailing west..and fuck da rest..

Till I reach a coffin grey..
and in that stone I may
Raise the flagstaff
Once more I may!
Oh! Honey!
Climb on board.

But wilt I be a shadow grey?
Haggard knackers beneath my legs will lay
Spirals of infinity betrayed.

Like whistlin Dixie.
Hooray Hooray.